Gold Price Today 19-7: Sjc Gold Rose Again

Gold price today 19-7 in the domestic market increased slightly despite the world gold price almost stand still when opening the first session of the week0: 00/1: 44 Southern SJC gold price when opening the trading day At the beginning of 9 hours on July 19, the price of SJC gold in Ho Chi Minh City was bought by 56.9 million dong / tael and selling 57.55 million dong / tael - an increase of 50,000 dongs compared to yesterday . Family difference to buy and sell gold price is also narrowed to about VND 650,000 / tael in the context of many gold trading enterprises must temporarily suspend transactions to prevent Covid-19. Gold jewelry, gold rings 24k Types tend to be more stable when listed 51

.3 million VND per share / tael, 52 million dong / tael, etc., PNJ gold price does not change when listed 51.6 million dong / tael, selling 53 million dong / tael
On the international market, gold prices today also tend to stabilize when opening the first session of the week. At 9 hours in Vietnam, the world gold price immediately spot at 1,812 USD / ounce. The analyst and investors all expect gold prices to increase, in the context of inflation in the US are increasing and The situation of Covid-19 epidemic continues to be complicated in many countries around the world. Gold becomes a safe shelter for investors. However, gold prices need to overcome the next resistance of 1,850 USD / ounce before being able to continue to a higher level of gold price. The listed price this morning is about 50.5 million dong / tael, lower than the price of SJC gold over VND 7 million / tael. The central price list this morning is listed by the State Bank at VND 23,195 / USD, up 3 VND / USD compared to last weekend. USD price in commercial banks stand still at 22,910 VND / USD to buy, 23,110 VND / USD sold. Photo: Tan Thanh

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