Gold Price Today 21/8: Gold Has Not Escaped The Decline

Gold price today (August 21) declined due to greater concerns about the spread of Delta variations and its impact on economic recovery of 9: 00/1: 57 male gold price today6h This morning (Vietnam time), the world gold price is trading at 1,780 USD / ounce, unchanged from the beginning of the morning. Gold price today decreased due to greater concerns about the spread of variations. Delta and its impact on economic recovery reduces the risk taste of investors.Nicholas Frappell, Global General Manager at ABC Bullion, said the pessimism in economic prospects in the medium term are Support gold price. Gold price today continues to decline

. However, the market is struggling with concerns about the time the US central bank decreases gradually purchasing assets. In the same period, the dollar, An asset is considered to be another safety shelter, anchor near the highest level for more than 9 months, supported by concern about Covid-19 and expects the US Federal Reserve (FED) to begin to decrease Exercise policy Eh this year. The strong dollars made gold become more expensive for buyers in other foreign currencies, and weaken the rise of gold prices
Domestic gold price price in the country, ending the trading session on 20 / 8, Doji Gemstone Gold Group listed SJC gold price in Hanoi area at: 56.25 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.85 million dong / tael (sold). Sai Gon quarterly listed SJC gold at: 56.45 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.17 million dong / tael (sold). Guessing the gold price Some safe shelter needs increase in the context Fear of risks raised all week. However, the rise of the precious metal was restrained because the US dollar index increased sharply. Technical surface, the speculators of gold futures prices in October have gained the overall technical advantage in the short term. The next increase in the goal is to create a closing level above the firm resistance of 1,800
00 USD / ounce. The reduced price target next short term is to push gold prices below a solid technical support level of 1,700.00 USD / ounce. Vy

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