Gold Price Today 22/7: Usd Strongly, Gold Price Plunge

The price of jargy when at the same time is under the pressure of decreasing from the US Treasury bond yield increases again and the dollar continues to strong up to 9: 00/1: 50 male gold price in the country is being traded at the following threshold: Doji Gemstone Gold Group listed SJC gold price at 56.80 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.55 million dong / tael (sold). The above price decreased by VND 50,000 / tael in the selling direction Compared to the nearest trading session. In the same time, the price of SJC gold traded by Bao Tin Minh Chau Company listed at VND 56

.90 million / tael (buying) and 57.52 million dong / tael ( sold out). The above price unchanged compared to the nearest trading session
Saigon Gemstone Gold Company Hanoi is currently listing SJC gold at 56.80 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.47 million VND / tael (sold). The above price decreased by VND 100,000 / tael in both directions to buy and sell compared to the nearest session. The illustration. (Source: SJC) in the world market, gold prices are traded at a price of 1,804.2 USD / ounce (according to Kitco News). The world gold price is equivalent to about 50.2 million dong / tael if specified Change at free USD price. The market shows signs of frustration with gold when this item cannot keep a significant increase after hitting a peak 1 month last week
The price of yellow stress when at the same time under the pressure of decreasing from the same time American treasury bond yields rose again and the dollar continued to strongly. The biggest factor is holding on the rise of gold that the dollar is constantly strong. The Dollar Index - measuring the power of the dollar increased to 93 points, the highest of 3 and a half months. Many analysts said the gold price was still supported by the risk of risks of investors worldwide , demand for inflation prevention, and loosening monetary policy of central banks. However, to break out of 1,800 USD / ounce, the gold price is needing a new catalyst.Le Hai (General)

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