Gold Price Today 4/12: Strongly Rebound, Sjc Exceeds The Threshold Of 61 Million Vnd

This morning (4/12), the price of gold on world markets rose on strong domestic and after a number of countries in Asia confirmed infected with new variant of human SARS-CoV virus-2 is Omicron. Although, the number of applicants for unemployment benefits for the first time in the US is much lower than expected bao.0: 00/5: domain 06Nu NamThe world still having khoChot session last night - this morning (GMT) , the world price of gold for immediate delivery in the US market stood at 1783 USD / ounce, up USD 15 / ounce compared to the previous closing market nay.Dau this morning, in the Asian market, at 8 pm (GMT Hanoi), the world price of gold for immediate delivery at around 1783 USD / ounce, up 13 USD / ounce compared to this time last transaction bright qua.Nguyen main reason why gold prices rose sharply in the last session due, in some Asian countries appeared Covid-19 infected cases with new variant is Omicron

.Tuan past, the world gold price is under intense pressure from the positive economic news, such as managers index manufacturing (PMI) in November increased compared with forecasts and compared with the previous month, while the producer price index in November fell after US measures to curb inflation. This information has caused the price of gold has the depth falls below 1,770 USD, as forecast by specialized gia.Tuy However, experts, though epidemics are new developments but the gold price is still difficult
By a number of countries have signaled there will soon be a vaccine to curb new variant of Covid-19 and early next year 2022.Cung with that, the economic data still show positive. Besides the production index above the US Department of Labor recently announced applications for unemployment benefits for the first time last week at 222,000 shares, down sharply compared with a forecast of 240,000 shares earlier, but higher than the previous week at 194,000 shares. According to analysts, this is still the number of applications for unemployment benefits for the first time at a low level since epidemics back day.Ket week, overall world gold price has fallen 10 week USD / ounce compared prices opened the week on 29 / 11.Gia SJC surged in the last session. Illustrations hoa.Tuy However, some experts have analyzed the instability of global financial markets. Warren Buffett warned that global financial markets are currently madness than era dot-com bubble two decades ago. These analyzes but not much and not confirmed an increase in "hot" stock market khoan
Tuy of course, remarks on making investors somewhat "cringe" in investment securities and they have moved a gold hoarding capital to risk reserves as inflation and the "bubble" in the stock khoan.Khuyen expert report is calm investors should consider the risk factors and support the market to right investment direction, not overbought or oversold financial products market disturbance caused SJC domestic manh.Vang caoSang climb today, gold on the free market turned up from closing before SJC rise above the threshold of 61 million / luong.Cu may, at 8 hours and 30 minutes, SJC gold price at HCMC purchases - sell around 60.2 to 61.05 million / tael. SJC gold price in Hanoi and Danang purchase - sale of about 60.2 to 61.05 million / luong.Cac market rose to 50,000 VND / tael dimensional buy and increase VND200,000 / tael compared to the selling side closing the previous session. Spreads - selling 750,000 VND / luong.Cac now SJC gold prices also rose compared to the previous closing. Specifically, gold at Doji Group, listed on the Hanoi market buy - sell around 60.15 to 60.85 million / tael, passing the buying side and the selling side, compared to the previous closing. Spreads - selling 800,000 VND / luong.Tai Phu Quy Company, SJC gold price listed on the Hanoi market buy - sell at 60.3 to 60.95 million / tael, up VND100,000 / tael the buying side and up VND150,000 / tael selling side compared to the previous closing. Spreads - selling at VND650,000 / luong.Gia Plain gold rings Phu Quy Phu Quy Company listing (buy - sell) at 51.6 to 52.3 million / tael, up VND50,000 / tael dimensional purchase and up VND150,000 / tael compared to the closing afternoon prior sale. Spreads - selling 700,000 VND / 24K Gold luong.Nhan Company's Vietnam Gold Gold trading at around 51.5 to 52.2 million / tael, horizontal and vertical price buy sale-dimensional than the previous closing . Spreads - selling 700,000 million / luong.Tuan past, domestic gold prices also followed world trends. Step adjust prices relatively large at around VND200,000 / tael in every session. According to experts and a number of enterprises in domestic gold market remains bleak, partly because the stock market is still vibrant "suck" strong cash flow and investors; partly because domestic prices are too high compared with the world. Calculated according to the USD in the day, gold higher in countries around the world more than 11 million / luong.Ket week, gold on the free market rose VND150,000 / tael compared with the opening week. SJC gold price

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