Gold Price Today 8/7: Continue To Keep Around 1,800 Usd / Ounce

Gold prices today 8/7/2021 in the world market fluctuated continuously but at a small range. Also in the country, gold prices go right away, maintain 57.45 million dong / tael 9: 00/2: 40 nu southern Japan gold price list today 8/7/2021 gold price today World gold price today 8/7 in the world market, gold prices today 8/7 on Kitco floor (as of 8:30) trading at 1,800,0 - 1,800.5 USD / ounce. August gold futures rose 6

.9 USD / ounce, to 1,803.4 USD / ounce. The world gold price fluctuated slightly around 1,800 - 1,810 USD / ounce
The global gold market flourishes in recent days due to influenced the in June minutes of the open market committee of the Federal Reserve (FOMC). The latest world gold prices today 8/7 / 2021 (up to 8:30 am VN). Photo: Kitcotheo minutes shows that the US central banks have argued about how and the time to start withduring monetary policies easily over the past few years. The minutes also said the process of reopening the US economy was uneven and inflation risks are tilting towards the increase. However, the minutes said that recent inflationary pressures are mainly related to the supply disruption. In addition, the gold market is subject to strong fluctuations when the world stock market is mostly at the record highland And there are mixed happenings. US stocks have declined after a 7-session session. Do so, gold prices today 8/7/2021 in the world market are trading at 1,800 USD / ounce. Yellow price in the country today 8/7 Price Gold today 8/7 in the domestic market moves sideways compared to the end of July 7. Currently, domestic gold prices are maintaining at 57
45 million dong / tael. It is 8:30 today today, SJC gold price in Hanoi is listed by Saigon Jewelry Company at 56.85 - 57, VND 47 million / tael (buy - sell); Unchanged in both directions compared to the end of the session 7 / 7., the price of 9999 gold was listed by Doji Gold Jewelry Group at 56.85 - 57.45 million dong / tael (buying - sold); Currently, the gold price today on July 8, 2021 (at 8:30) at SJC Company (Ho Chi Minh City) is listing at 56.85 - 57.45 million dong / tael (buying-selling). Table Gold price today 8/7 below is the latest gold price list today on July 8, 2021 (as of 8:30). Unit: thousand dong / tael. Gold price 9999, SJC gold price, 24k gold price, 18k, 14k, 10k today on 8/7/2021 at 8:30

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