Gold Price Today: Domestic Gold Price Increased Sharply, The World Decreased

Gold prices today 8/10 recorded down in the context of cash flow into international stocks and US bonds, investment funds fell sharply the number of gold holds0: 00/2: 28 male gold price gold world day Now 8/10, as of the beginning of the morning (Vietnam time) is trading around 1,756 USD / ounce, down 8 USD compared to the previous trading session.Tuy USD declined compared to many other foreign currencies but gold prices The world still goes down, the main reason is that the cash flow focuses on international stocks and US bonds. The dollar decreases, but trading near the highest level in a year, was motivated by concerns about prolonged inflation And the Fed expectation will have to act sooner to normalize the policy. In the gold is considered an inflation preventive measure, the stronger dollar makes gold become more expensive for those holders Other currencies. Carsten Menke, Julius Baer analyst said: "There are some problems related to supply chains and energy markets, but this is not It is something that will make the global economy derailed

. Therefore, there is no real reason for investors to search for gold as a safe shelter ". However, Mr. Menke added, with the number of job positions opening in the US highly record , a positive surprise on non-agricultural payrolls will be adjusted to suit the gold market without causing a large sale, which is likely to fluctuate
The world gold price continues to decrease slightly, in the water increases Strongly before opening this morning, domestic gold prices rose between VND 50,000 / tael to VND 350,000 / tael at the system of gold trading businesses. Detective, at Saigon Gold Jewelry Company SJC in the afternoon of buying - selling up simultaneously VND 350,000 / tael. While, in the DOJI GOLD SJC Group increased by VND 150,000 / tael for both buying and selling. In Phu Quy Group and Bao Tin Minh Chau, the gold price at the end of the session remained in the afternoon in the afternoon of selling 50,000 Copper / Tantue, Doji Gemstone Gold Group listed SJC gold price at 56.85 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.75 million dong / tael (sold). SJC gold price Bao Tin Minh Chau Company Limited listed at VND 57.27 million / tael (buying) and 57.73 million dong / tael (sold). In the PNJ system, SJC gold price adjusted by 300,000 Dong / Tantue in order to buy and 250,000 dong / tael in the sale of the USD exchange rate of Vietcombank (22,860 dong), the world gold price is equivalent to 48
50 million dong / tael, lower than VND 9.37 million / Quality compared to the gold level in the country.

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