Gold Price Today: Gold Price Increased, Usd Price Decreased Slightly

Gold price today 26/11 continues to volatile intermediate fluctuations between store systems. While in the world market, gold prices rose due to a decrease in USD in: 00/2: 21 male gold gold price today 26/11, as of the beginning of the morning (Vietnam time) is trading around the threshold USD 1,791 / ounce, a slight increase of 1 USD compared to the previous trading session. According to analysts, by the US in Thanksgiving holidays, very few people participated in the market. World gold price Therefore, there aren't many fluctuations. In 4 recent trading sessions, gold prices have lost nearly 50 USD / ounce after President Joe Biden chose Mr

. Jerome Powell to continue to hold the Federal Reserve Chairman. (Fed) The upcoming term. This shows that the US steadily route monetary policy tightening
This means that the FED may soon increase the basic interest rate in 2022 to limit the rise of inflation. From that, the financial investor expects the value of the USD to stand firm, promote them to hold "blue silver "Help this currency maintain its strength compared to many other foreign currencies, causing world gold prices to become less attractive. Can many people put in bonds, meaning cash flow into the gold market Coordinate. The world gold price will go down. So at this time, investors do not dare to buy gold. Gold price fluctuates slightly in this morning. Before opening this morning, SJC gold price was adjusted to decrease differently in about 50,000 - 100,000 VND / quantity at the business store systems. In that, in Doji Group, Gold SJC still remained unchanged, but adjusted the selling price by 50,000 dong / tael. SJC gold price listing at 59.35 million dong / tael (buying) and 60
15 million dong / tael (sold). Retail trading SJC gold price of Bao Tin Minh Chau Company listed at the price 59 , VND 52 million / tael (buying) and 60.12 million dong / tael (sold). Behavior, in Phu Quy Group Gold price recorded a increase of 100,000 dong / tael in the buying direction but standing still Afternoon selling. In the PNJ system, the gold price adjusted simultaneously increased by 50,000 dong / tael for both buying and selling in the selling direction. at Saigon Gemstone Gold Company, SJC gold price has no problem change Two-dimensional purchasing and sold compared to the top of Vietcombank's USD price (VND 22,775), the world gold price was equivalent to 49.14 million dong / tael, lower than 11.03 million dong / tael With gold level in the country.

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