Gold Price Today On August 11: Investor Calms, Gold Prices Stop Falling

After continuous sales sessions, the world gold price blocked the decline in the last night thanks to the calm investor's psychology. Meanwhile, the domestic gold price still only struggled with a narrow range in recent days and widened the difference compared to world gold to more than 8.4 million dong / tael. In the domestic gold market, After an increase of VND 50,000 / tael on yesterday, SJC gold price of Saigon Jewelry Company opened today on August 11 in Hanoi has fallen back to VND 50,000 / tael, currently listing Level 56.20 - 56

.92 Million / tael (buy - sell). In Ho Chi Minh City market, SJC gold price listed at 56.20 - 56
90 million VND / tael. Thang Long of Bao Tin Minh Chau makes it unchanged by the end of yesterday this morning, currently standing at 51.51 - 52.21 million dong / tael (buying - selling). On the gold market Gender, spot gold price closing last night in the US fell 0.8 USD to 1,728.8 USD / ounce. In the Asian session this morning, the price of gold with a lightweight rhythm rush to nearly 1,735 USD / ounce. The future gold price delivered in September on Comex New York rose 3.3 USD to 1,732
3 USD / ounce. Gold price The third day of the third day slowed down, after continuing to be sold off in the last two sessions, thanks to the investor sentiment was stabilized again. Oanda's senior market analysis Edward Moya said: " Technical indicators are looking very bad, but if gold can be stable in about 1,700 to 1,750 USD / ounce, it may allow some long-term investors to reopen positions. However, the worst enemy of gold is a strong dollar and it may remain a permanent factor that causes an impact, until the Fed gives an official announcement of monetary policy ". With price About 1,733 USD / ounce at the present time, the world gold price converted to VND (tax calculation, processing fees) are at over 48.5 million dong / tael, so, the difference between SJC gold price Domestic and world falls around 8.4 million dong / tael. In the Foreign Exchange market, US Dollar Index (DXY) opened this morning at 93.07 points. The center price today On August 11 was announced by the State Bank of 23,178 / USD, down 9 dong compared to yesterday. The amplitude range of USD exchange rate at VND 22,482 - 23,873 VND / USD. Reference price at the Department of Giao Giao Translation of the State Bank this morning listed at VND 22,975 - 23,833 VND / USD. USD price in some major commercial banks such as VCB, BIDV, Vietinbank, Techcombank, ACB ... currently trading around 22,760 - 22,960 VND / USD. This is in the market h à Noi, the free USD price of VND 23,190 / USD and sold is 23,290 VND / USD.

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