Gold Price Today On October 8: The Difference Between Domestic Gold And The World Reached Nearly 9 Million Vnd / Tael

While the world gold price fluctuates slightly and has not been broken through the support level around USD 1,750 / ounce, the domestic gold price suddenly climbs high in recent days and close to reaching 58 million dong / tael made difference Deflected with world gold widened by more than 8.8 million VND / tael. In the domestic gold market, after an increase of VND 400,000 / tael on yesterday, SJC gold price of Saigon Jewelry Company opened Today's morning on October 8 in Hanoi, there was no additional adjustment, currently listed at 57.15 - 57.87 million dong / tael (buying - sold)

. in Ho Chi Minh City market, Price Gold SJC listed at 57.15 - 57.85 million dong / tael
Thang Long dragon gold brand of Bao Tin Minh Chau to the beginning of the morning this morning was unchanged compared to the end of yesterday, currently standing at 50 , 76 - 51.41 million dong / tael (buying - selling). On the world gold market, the price of gold spot at the last night in the US decreased by 8 USD to 1,755.4 USD / ounce. In the Asian session this morning, the gold price recovered to 1,760 USD / ounce. The future gold price of November delivered on the Comex New floor increased by 1.4 USD to 1,760 USD / ounce. World gold price on Thursday session decreased slightly when under the pressure from the US stock market and bond yields to increase. Traders are expecting the US employment report, which is said to be the most important US data in the month. The number of important non-agricultural jobs in the predicted report is to increase 500,000 in September after a slight increase of 235,000 in August
With a price of about 1,760 USD / ounce at the moment, then gold price Gender converted to VND (tax calculation, processing fees) are at over VND 49.05 million / tael, thus, the difference between SJC gold prices in the country and the world falls more than 8.8 million VND / tael . In the Foreign Exchange market, the US Dollar Index (DXY) opened this morning at 94.22 points. The center price today on 8/10 was announced by the State Bank of VND 23,165 / USD , decreased by 5 dong compared to yesterday. Ravenance range of USD exchange rate at VND 22,470 - 23,860 VND / USD / Reference price at the State Bank Transaction Office this morning listed at VND 22,750 - 23,810 VND / USD. USD price in some banks Large trade such as VCB, BIDV, Vietinbank, Techcombank, ACB ... currently trading around 22,660 - 22,860 VND / USD. This is now in Hanoi market, free USD price of VND 23,205 / USD and sold is 23,235 VND / USD.

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