Gold Price Today September 13: ‘immobile’ Market, Sjc Gold Is Still Very High

Gold prices today in the domestic market continued to be quiet but still higher than the price of SJC gold world to 8 million / luong.0: 00/2: domain 27Nu today NamGia gold in the domestic market continues to fall langMo door first trading week 13-9, today gold price in the domestic market without the mutation compared with the last day in HCMC tuan.Vang SJC company Saigon Jewelry (SJC) listed bought 56.6 million / tael and sold 57.3 million / luong

.Mot of other enterprises SJC gold price pushed up to 56.8 million / tael buying 57.6 million / sales
PNJ gold price also unchanged at 50.6 million / tael bought, 52.7 million / sales ra.Tuong self, gold jewelry, gold ring 24K kinds of almost "estate" in several days. As the price of gold rings, gold jewelry is 24K Jewelry Company Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ) listed bought 50.5 million / tael and sold 52.6 million / tael. Meanwhile, the price of gold jewelry companies SJC bought 50.65 million / tael and sold 51.55 million / luong
Bien purchase price difference - sell gold jewelry at very high levels from 900,000 dong to 2.1 million / tael. With this very large amplitude, it guarantees buyers hole if needs ban.Tren international market, gold prices today at 9 am 15, hourly Vietnam, traded at 1789 USD / ounce, up slightly about 3 per ounce compared to last week. Still, analysts said resistance at 1800 USD / ounce gold price is still very large world. At the same time, short-term trends in the gold price will be difficult to increase again when the strong dollar is still the world gold price len.Hien converted at the rate of about 49.3 million listed in / tael, lower prices SJC about 8 million / tael; lower than the price of gold jewelry around 2.2 million / luong.Chuyen in gold Tran Thanh Hai said domestic prices are kept too high is ridiculous when the market is almost no trading, no purchasing power to determine the transaction price. However, price differences of gold and foreign will be difficult to narrow down by companies trading in gold are "Slim" line many over several months, the average price of inventory will remain high due to interest expenses, salaries of staff, premises rents ... the heart rate was this morning the State Bank at 23,113 VND listed / USD, down 5 dong / dollar compared to last week. Meanwhile, the USD at commercial banks stood at 22,670 VND / USD buying, 22,870 VND / USD sell ra.Thai Method. Photo: Tan Thanh

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