Gold Prices Are Strange, Down More Than 1 Million In Just A Few Hours

The world gold price has a very strange happening, increasing sharply and plunging quickly, causing gold buyers to do not bore goods, so it loses this morning (1-12), the gold price climbed to 1,811 USD / ounce ( Equally 50 million dong / tael) and quickly dropped sharply to 1,772 USD (48.9 million). Meaning in just a few hours lost nearly 40 USD (1.1 million VND). In Vietnam market, SJC gold price also decreased sharply over 240,000 VND / tael, currently buying into-selling at around 59

.70 - 60.40 million dong / tael gold price increased to over 1,800 USD / ounce. As soon as Mr
Stéphane Bancel, the CEO Moderna Pharmaceutical company declares the current vaccine that is currently inefficient with the Omicron variant, and it takes monthly to have a new vaccine with this strain. However, the gold market began to have Newly translation steps when the US Federal Reserve (Fed) Jerome Powell and the Minister of Finance Janet Yellen heard before the US Senate. Dong Jerome Powell assessed increased inflation, TB data data Strong dynamic, strong spending data. This means that the US economy is growing strongly but is also under high inflation pressure. "Inflation is no longer while turning to persistent inflation. We can see high inflation More will continue to last until mid-next year, "said Jerome Powell. And as soon as Fed began to acknowledge high inflation, the investors were predicted, the Fed would be able to soon increase interest rates to fight inflation, And immediately they sold off gold, causing strong slashes to fall to 1,772 USD.

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