Gold Prices Continue To Decline

In the trading session on the morning of November 26, Vietnam's time, the world gold market recorded prices around 1,790 USD / ounce, domestic gold still resolved 60 million dong. Domestic gold price in the country Domestic Jewelry Company is currently listed: Doji Hanoi branch buys at 59.35 million dong / tael and selling is 60.15 million dong / tael sold. Ho Chi Minh City branch listed in order to buy into-sell is: 59

.45 million VND - 60.15 million VND / tael. SJC Hanoi SJC buys at 59
45 million dong / tael and selling Out for 60.15 million dong / tael. Saigon SJC gold price at Ho Chi Minh City branch is 59.45 million VND / purchase amount and 60.15 million dong / tael sold. DOJI gold price recorded at Hanoi branch is listed at the purchase level Entering and selling is 59.35 - 60.15 million / tael while in Ho Chi Minh City branch, the price is only slightly different from the purchase level of 59.45 million dong / tael; The price remains at VND 60.15 million
The world gold price trading on the Kitco floor at 1,790 USD / ounce, an increase of 2 USD / ounce compared to the beginning of the morning. However, including the whole session, the gold price tends to decrease. Gold price decreases due to concerns that the Fed accelerates withdraws or raising interest rates. Also with this reason, the beginning of the week, the gold price was 1,800 USD, after Fed Jerome Powell Chairman was rejoarated for the second term, making a row of monetary policy rumors to be tightened faster, Towing USD to high, putting pressure on gold. Gold price was also constantly plunging in the context of massively taking investors. In the speech when re-nominated for the position of Fed Chairman, Powell said that the Fed will focus on preventing inflation. This makes the investors believe that FED will accelerate the process of reducing economic support, causing the gaining momentum of precious metals inhibited and the price of gold anchored under 1,800 USD / ounce. In the international market Smoking cash flow and standing at a high level when the market bet on the ability to Early Tighten monetary policy. Today's trading session on the US market, US Dollar Index (DXY), measuring silver co-silver change Green with 6 key coins (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK, CHF) at 96.72 points.

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