Gold Prices Rose More Than Half A Million Vnd Per Amount

On the afternoon of November 26, the domestic gold price skyrocketed VND 580,000 / tael, to VND 60.7 million / tael in the context of the world's precious metal price increased rapidly. Luc more than 14 hours, spot gold price increased by more than 14 USD / Ounce, trading at 1,802.6 USD / ounce. However, commenting on gold prices in the short term, many experts believe that precious metal prices will not have many fluctuations due to the US market thanksgiving

. In the domestic market, also at the time, the company Saigon Gemstone Gold Company Limited Listing SJC gold price at VND 60 million / tael (buy) - 60.7 million dong / tael (sold), an increase of VND 550,000 / tael every dimension compared to the end On November 25.
Bao Tin Minh Chau Company Limited increased by VND 530,000 / tael (Buy dimension) and VND 580,000 / tael (selling dimension), to be 60.05 million dong / tael (buying) - 60.7 million VND / Tantue (sold out). The trend, the Golden Gold Gemstone Group listed is VND 60 million / tael (buying) - 60.65 million dong / tael (sold), higher than before VND 550,000 / tael (Buy Dimension) and 500,000 dong / tael (selling dimension). The difference between domestic and international gold prices is very high, over 11 million dong / tael. With a large difference on, buying gold at this time will be risky.

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