Gold Prices Will Plunge To 44.5 Million Dong / Tael?

This morning (August 18), gold prices hit USD 1,795 / ounce, equivalent to VND 49.9 million / taeline.02 / 1: 18 nam, so, compared to yesterday, gold prices continued to increase slightly Up to 200,000 dong / tael. In the trading session on August 17, the gold price was 1,788 USD, equivalent to VND 49.7 million

. Bank of Montreal (Canada) Bank said that gold prices are expected to increase due to support by the global economy. Still in the situation facing new risks from Delta variations. This Canadian bank also predicts gold prices will increase average at about 1,815 USD / ounce at the end of the year
It is forecasted that gold prices will reach $ 2,000 at the end of the year when the demand for consumers and central banks increased. Really, according to the World Gold Council (WGC), in the first half of 2021, the The central bank bought a total of 332.2 tons of gold. However, Mr. Dominic Schnider, Director of the Asia Pacific Commodity and Foreign League of the UBS Global Wealth Management, warning investors should be considered Holding their gold when the global economy recovers and green silver coins strongly in the coming time. Therefore, the gold price expects to turn down to 1,600 USD / ounce, equivalent to 44.5 million VND.

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