Golden Lesson On Marriage From Celebrities

'Only married people to know the feeling of suffering and happiness at the same time', Chris Rock - an actor, writer, manufacturer and famous American director. Marriage from celebrities. Art illustration of marriage capital is differently defined by many different people. He was "saddle", who suffered "boat boards". To preserve marriage and happiness of small families, always need to make efforts to "co-wife co-husbands"

. However, sometimes, marriage and family life will encounter difficulties that happiness must stand among the broken brink. Therefore, many artists and celebrities shared the golden lesson from their marriage life to help couples overcome weak and repeated moments of their love. from the bearded eyebrow1
Chris Rock (USA) - Actors, writers, films and directors "Only Married People Can Understand How You Can Be Miserable and Happy at The Same Time." (Only people who are married to know the feeling Suffering and happiness at the same time.) 2. Justin Timberlake (USA) - Singer cum Pop / R musician

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