Gomez Revealed Many Secretions About Messi

The star of Sevilla, Alejandro Gomez remembered the victory of his Argentine team in Copa America 2021 and the praise of Lionel Messi's influence, and revealed that he cried when he heard the captain's confidences in the general match Messi plays an important role in bringing Argentina to their first Copa America championship since 1993, with excellent performance that helped him win the title of the best player. Gomez's eyelid, Messi captain was very longing for a trophy with the national team and relieved relief after the Brazilian landlord victory: "We all waited for the Copa America final. Time as deposited, everyone is nervous. After the match, I was constantly crying. "The Gomez guard said he impressed Lionel Messi's exquisite lead role and the shared of Argentina captain made him touch:" Messi normally and the most casual in Argentina team

. Strangers are often curious about Messi, but I know he's as simple as many others. Everyone thinks that Messi must behave another, but it is not that it is the captain of Argentina's pattern on the grass and everyday life. Photo: CGI
Messi is our great captain. When he wanted to be angry with his teammates, Messi would talk to that person in a closed room. He never publicized such things. Messi didn't talk about teammates' mistakes. Messi behaves very mature and increasingly gives us many good lessons. I guarantee young players who will enjoy learning Messi ".Gomez is a member of Argentina champion Copa America 2021, along with Messi for the first time to South America's Peak. Gomez was playing for Sevilla but no longer confronted Messi in La Liga playground when the 34-year-old superstar moved to PSG.Gomez very unexpectedly before this information: "Messi left Barca as a revolution in football. This classic event will be remembered forever
All remembered the day Messi to PSG ".Gomez used to be Messi's rival in La Liga Arena Very of the UK in Argentina. Photo: CGI.Gomez believes that the French tournament is rich in force but will not make Argentine captains difficulty. The 33-year-old midfielder added: "Messi will integrate well. First because PSG is very strong at his appearance. Second, Messi will play well in any tournament and will not face any difficulties when the environment changes. The challenge for Messi is the Champions League big arena, a tournament gathering many stars. "Gomez also predicted that Barca would take about 15-20 points at La Liga after Messi left. He said: "Messi is no longer in La Liga, so we have a little more chance of winning. Because Messi can bring about 15 to 20 points per season for Barca. When his teammates play badly, Messi will shine. He always knows how to make a difference. Barca was still very strong, and still Real, Atletico Madrid. But which team to lose the best player will give us more opportunities ".

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