Good Market Managing Group Mobilized 100 Million Usd

Carousell Group, the Governor Group of Good Market Classifieds has just mobilized an additional USD 100 million.02: 00/1: 50 Nandy region is an investment unit to expand Carousell Group's activities in Southeast Asia (not included Hong Kong and Taiwan). At the same time, Carousell's capital was valued at $ 1.1 billion and was considered a new unicorn in Asia. Attacting as a venture capital investment company in 1999, STIC is now famous A leading private investment company in Korea with 22-year history of operation

. STIC has about $ 5 billion in managing assets (Assets Under Management - AUM), 40 investment professionals and has invested in more than 80 companies. The global investment platform of the company consists of national investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, family office, inherited funds, funding funds and funds South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Jason said Stic Investment's CEO will participate in the Board of Carousell in the coming time
For its part, since its founding in 2012, Carousell Group has served tens of millions of users in 8 markets in Southeast Asia expanding with brands such as Carousell, Mudah.My, good market and OneKyAT. The priority to bring the application to a mobile device, Carousell has helped to buy and sell easier even with little knowledge of technology. Carousell has also completed the ecosystem to aim for an application for all needs. With investment sources from STIC, in the Vietnamese market, Carousell will continue to improve the development of good markets in trademarks Cars, electronics, used goods, and continue to invest strongly in the field of real estate classifieds (good markets) and universal labor jobs. In the coming time, good market will promote attracting many personnel in the field of technology, business, digital data to quickly deploy strategies on.Huy Vu

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