Good Wife Points Must Learn To Turk

There are things that don't like you still have to silently learn others, whether it's' love ibiligan'.0: 00/2: 48 nam nuoc amerous and praise men this is very easy to pick up your husband but women It is easy to forget. In the husband and wife life, women or habit of blaming when the husband has an error that forgot to praise when he does good for the family. The wives often think that what he does well is the responsibility to do and nothing is worth praising. And when he fouled, immediately criticized, complaining

... should remember: Rewards - A fine must be taken
If you are criticized, I have to praise my husband. Outside, there are many girls who are willing to let go of sweetness for your husband whether the smallest things. Men who want to listen to praise, especially the woman they love. The illustration. The illustration. The sexual weight This is an important thing in the husband and wife life but the wives consider it responsible and meaning service. That's why they lost to Ms.. It was a long time, his wife did not change "dishes". Even someone also brings thoughts, making "finale" and all responsibility
That makes her husband decrease or no excitement, desire is not strange. Meanwhile, the new "Bo Bo" is always wholeheartedly and pays absolute attention to this issue. Not only fully fully satisfying the needs of gentlemen caressed and cuddly, girls "wild cats" have moves or "initiatives" are particularly charismatic. It was like a magnet that tightened the husbands, making them unable to escape himself and sometimes, want to stay with attractive personality. "Of strange", he was more attractive "" When he returned to his wife's house refused, or agreed it was uncomfortable, applying a boring type to be very easy to lead to the "stamp" outside. The wives should remember, sex is a great thing to mount husband and wife, so never distracted to refresh the pillow blanket. (Artwork) Learn how to enjoy and attach great importance to family love The place to return, is a happy peaceful bank. So is women try to create a comfortable and pleasant family air. Should create opportunities to lead families to travel, hang out, have activities together to increase solidarity, sticking. Let her husband feel the importance of the family, especially when he meets Large crisis or major changes in work. You should be the first to stand by his side, so he feels you are the most important person can not leave. Keep calm and use your strengths to protect yourself with outside women, The wife has an emotional, social and logical advantage. In normal cases, as long as you can find your own advantage, capture your husband's needs and protect the family from "attacks", most will win. If you cannot restrain, you will try to convince your loved ones by argument or suppress with your intimates, your strengths, you will lose your husband's heart completely, the actual affairs Not always leads to negative results. It sounds alarming for you and your marriage. But definitely calm you will see, a more alert, mature and wiser attitude will bring to your marriage more different future. According to

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