Goodbye ‘bread Waist’ Do Thi Ha Made Fans Sobbed With A Slender Waist At Miss World

Previously, her underdeveloped waist was a shortcoming made her difficult to conquer the designs of cocoon designs.0: 00/0: 37 namhoa dom Thi Ha is good at Miss World 2021. She After making the public rest assured when uploading images with a slim and toned body. Before, Do Thi Ha Many times to show off less attractive waistfloats. Photo Do Thi Ha shows off a slender shape After the jump was praised by many fans

. Firming, her toned waist promises to make good performance at Miss World. Market Ha is getting a good spirit and energy. Before the contest received enthusiastic interest and cheering enthusiasm
Hide was evaluated with a good energy and spirit despite experiencing many difficulties with a 40-hour journey to Puerto Rico. Having a standard and more attractive body, Do Thi Ha has a strict training and diet process. She shared, besides physical training, she also focused on eating science, healthy to own a neat body, smooth skin. Before that, her poor waist was a shortcoming made her Difficult to conquer the designs of cocoon. Eat and practice regularly. Thanks to reasonable change, she got more perfect measurements. Miss Do Thi Ha's favorite breakfast is oats, seeds are mixed with yogurt, fresh milk without sugar and a little chopped fruit Small, adding chocolate powder Create delicious flavor. In the process of dieting, Miss replaces white rice with brown rice. She used brown rice with vegetable and nutritious vegetables that were very good for weight loss.

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