Goodbye To Chin Quickly Thanks To Simple Beauty Tips

If your chin is an enemy of your identity, read it now! Making the following habits will help you quickly regain a slim face, remove the chin of the chin00: 00: 071. Repairing the posture of the wrong sitting, not only affecting the back, the spine but also affects our faces. Sitting to bow too low can make you have two chins, ancient and muscular muscles weakly, resulting in this area to lose elasticity. Improve posture by sitting straight, putting a computer screen Higher so you don't need to bow down to work. Sleep more and choose a suitable posture of sleeping can increase the appetite and reduce the metabolism of the body

. Sleep posture tilt, face to the pillow will cause wrinkles on your face. Scientists advise us to lie on their backs to remove puffiness and keep water on their faces. Chewing gum gum like workout for your facial muscles
Moreover, the chewing gum after every meal will feel full and less snacking. As a result, their amount of fat dropped quickly. You need to note choosing non-sugar gum and should not abuse.4. Masking made from natural ingredients You can use eggs, milk, honey or glycerin, green tea to make a mask to recover elasticity and moisturize the face. Nutritious milk and anti-aging effects. Masking with honey will make skin firm, reduce fat and discharge toxins.5. Learn how to whistle straight back and lower the shoulder, slightly look up and start practicing whistling 10 times in 10-20 seconds. This is how to help facial and ancient exercise, reduce the chin of double 6
Add whole grain, fresh fruits and vegetables into diets to have a balanced diet to reduce fat, try to replace refined carbs with whole grains. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits will help skin elastic. Please note that the food contains many water such as cucumbers, melon to remove toxins. Some vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and pumpts will increase production of collagen.7. Drinking enough water to enhance metabolism and good hydration will reduce water, reduce puffiness and flatulence. Drink enough water to help ensure the elasticity of the skin and prevent sagging facial conditions.8. Reducing the amount of sodium and lines of puffiness and vapors appears because the body is held water. Reducing the amount of sodium will help you retain less liquid. You should avoid salty and multiple sugars, replacing them with healthy foods like fruits, drinking lots of boiled water to cool.9. Cardiovascular exercises with cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, walking fast, cycling will help you reduce body fat. These forms of exercise help enhance metabolism, promote fat burning, and will help you lose weight in the neck and face. 10. Reducing drinking alcohol with many calories and less nutrients, is one of the main causes that make you face fat. You don't need to abstain completely but restrict your alcohol to avoid obesity.11. Apply sunscreen for normal, double chin and sagging facial skin as part of the aging process. Everyone knows that sunlight plays an important role in accelerating the aging process, leading to wrinkles. The doctor recommends applying SPF30 sunscreen daily. Sunscreen will help stretch skin sagging and aging.12. Blowing balloons balloons are also an exercise to help reduce excess fat on the face. A week you practice blowing a few times, the face will have a significant change. Note not for a long time because it is easy to cause wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.13. Smiling more laughs not only helps face a better face but also a way to train facial muscles, helping to increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce double chin phenomenon. How to do it: You only need to smile for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times to reduce fat on your cheeks.

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