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The Korean Competition Authority will sanction Google 207.4 billion won (176.9 million USD) with allegations to take advantage of the dominant position of the mobile operating system market to 'suppress' competition. , Google was sanctioned by France with 267 million USD because of dominant position abuse in online advertising. Photo: AFThe Android Operating AF is currently occupying a large market share in the smartphone market, even surpassing Apple's iOS competitors

.Theo informed 14/9 of Korea Fair Trade Commission, Google Allegedly taking advantage of its market position to prevent smartphone manufacturers like Samsung using the operating system developed by rivals.Yonhap News reported, Korea Fair Trade Commission Has announced its decision in Korean, in which only Google has asked smart phone manufacturers to agree with the "AFA defragmentation agreement (AFA)" when signing important contracts with the Group This app on the application store license and early access to the operating system. AFA agreement has prevented smart device manufacturers to install the revised versions of the Android operating system (called "Android Fork ") on their handsets, according to Yonhap News
Korea's fair trade commercial committee accused that Google's actions were Insert innovation innovation in developing new operating systems for smartphones. The agency asked Google to stop forcing partners to sign an AFA agreement and asked "the giants" American technology took overcome steps. Meanwhile, Google spokesman responded to the same program Android's prefer to promote hardware and software innovation, and bring successfully to Korean phone manufacturers and developers. "The decision of the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) September 14 ignored these benefits and will lose the advantages that consumers enjoy. Google plans to appeal KFTC's decision, "Google spokesman told CNBC. The amount of 177 million that the Korean Fair Trade Commission sentenced Google is only a odd number compared to the quarterly business data of this enterprise. Previously, Alphabet, Google's parent company, recorded revenue of $ 61.88 billion. However, being sentenced on September 14 is Google's latest failure in Korea. At the end of August, the Korean Parliament passed a bill that allows application developers to avoid paying too high commissions to large app operators, including Google, by directing people Using payment via alternative platforms
In June, the European Commission announced to open a new investigation to determine whether Google has a favor of its online advertising technology service and violating regulations Anti-exclusive not. "Google collects data for predefined advertising purposes, which sells advertising space and also acts as an online advertising intermediary", Vice President of Article The European Commission Margrethe Vestager said. "Therefore, Google is present at most levels in the advertising supply chain online. We are concerned that Google has made the online advertising service of The opponent is more difficult to play in the so-called advertising technology, "Margrethe Vestager added. Before that, Google was sanctioned by France 267 million USD because of dominant position abuse in the field of online advertising. On June 7, the French competitive surveillance agency claims Google has trading unfair and discriminatory services for competitors. The agency said Google agreed to pay the above fine and ended some of their favor activities. The investigation results showed that Google was favored for their DFP advertising server, allowing publishers The content on the website and applications to sell their ad space and the SSP platform allows directly to participate in advertising auctions in real-time RTB. After that, Google's rivals and content publishers are subject to consequences, competitive monitoring agencies legally identify.

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