Google Invests $ 2.1 Billion To Buy A Building In New York City

Google announced the plan to buy a office building in New York City for $ 2.1 billion. This is the biggest real estate purchase in the US for a office building since the Great Panel spreads.02 / 1: 17 namgoogle domains said the decision to buy the building affirmed their beliefs Live of New York in the context of epidemics. (Source: Nytimes

.com) On September 21, Google announced a plan to buy an office building in New York City for $ 2.1 billion, affirming their interest in the largest city in the country America, despite the trend of remote working between the pandemic context.Theo Real Capital Analytics, this is the largest real estate purchase in the US for an office building since Covid-19 pandemic begins Wide globally
Google has rented premises in Manhattan, located on the position of a previous railway station in Hudson Square neighborhood. "The giant" This technology plans to own a campus with a total area The floor is 1.7 million square feet (160,000m2) in the middle of 2023, playing a role in New York headquarters for sales and partnerships. The group is headquartered in Mountain View, California, real Currently, the purchase of billion dollars other real estate in New York City, including $ 2.4 billion, investing in Chelsea Market Building. New York City, Bill de Blasio, welcomed believe On and said: "Google is leading our economic recovery" ./. Minh Trang (VNA / Vietnam)

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