Google Lawsuits The Indian Competitory Committee

Google has sued India's Competitement Committee to Delhi Senior Court to prevent unauthorized disclosure of any secret investigation report. The service provider of content on the Internet Google belongs to Alphabet Inc. On September 23, the announcement is suing the Indian Competition Committee (CCI) after this committee leaks a secret report on the anti-exclusive investigation of this American technology. Google statues. Photo: Reuterstrong announced on September 23, Google said it had filed a CCI lawsuit on the Delhi Senior Court to prevent unauthorized disclosure any secret investigation report

.Google said they protested against micro Pham Trust, weakening Google's self-protection ability and harms Google, as well as partners of the company.Google said the company has fully cooperated and maintains security throughout the process TRA, so Google hopes and expects a similar security level from the organizations that the company cooperates with the same time on September 18, the Times of India, and then the Reuters news agency has taken News about the investigation of CCI for Google, which discovered this company abused the dominance of the Android operating system in India, as well as using his "huge financial strength" to Holding against competitors in an illegal way. Finally, Google also expressed his desire to cooperate with CCI to "Prove the Android operating system that brought competition and innovation umer, not reducing competition in the market "
cci does not have any feedback on Google's fox information and Google spokesman also declined to comment on the company having tried to" fight "And canceling the request to continue to press the report on CCI's report content or no.cci has conducted an inquiry for Google since 2019, said Google seems to have taken advantage of the dominance of I to reduce the ability of equipment manufacturers in selecting alternate versions of the mobile operating system and forcing them to preset Google apps. This 750 pages are later for Seeing the preset compulsory applications "leads to unfair conditions for equipment manufacturers", violating India's Competition Law. This report, has been reviewed by Reuters but Not publicity, also showed Google took advantage of the position of Play Store app to protect its dominance. Hang Hang (according to Reuters)

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