Google Learns Apple, Selling Phones Without Charging Tubers

Apple heels, Google is a subsequent manufacturer that does not sell with Rhinocytes.02 / 1: 39 NAM NAM NOW, Google Notice Pixel 5A will be the ultimate device from the company. In other words, 2 Google smartphones have just been introduced but until October are sold as Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will not have charging in the product box. According to Google, most users have available USB Type C charger House, so the addition of accompanying charging is unnecessary. Apple and Samsung are pioneers in this initiative, and they also have similar arguments

.Pixel 5A will be the ultimate phone model of Google with charging. Photo: TechRadar. However, according to The Verge, it is likely that these companies do so only to reduce production costs
Another reason for Apple or Samsung is the environment. They argue that excess production too much charger will increase electronic waste in big cities. Since then, cutting the number of phone charging will help improve the environmental situation in general. The above discussion is not completely unreasonable. However, if the user is not provided with enough charging, they will have to buy back from third parties or buy from public companies themselves. This increases carbon emissions from the transportation and production of charging from multiple has eliminated the charger and both the headset attached from the iPhone 12's debut, creating a wave of indignation from Fans and rulers in many places. A consumer-consumer protection association in Brazil has asked Apple to provide charging or giving more convincing reasons for this move. And of course, Apple was unable to. Now here when buying Apple products, users only received manuals and phones
Photo: 9to5mac. Companies with smaller scale will definitely gradually follow the 3 big legs on the movement that does not provide accompanying charging. This makes many parts of people pressing because they have to pay the same amount but only receive less value. This will be the inevitable condition in the future and we are forced to compromise with it. Dicheo the verge

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