Government Many Places In China Severely Fine People Livestream Sells Tax Evasion

Hangzhou, one of China's leading e-commerce centers and is the place where Alibaba Group Holding's headquarters fine the famous Livestream for tax evasion. This is the latest warning for many sellers Goods through the form of Livestream on e-commerce platforms. Hangzhou tax quota, under the Tax Department of Zhejiang Province and directly under the state tax administration agency to penalize Zhu Chenhui, known for the name Xueli Cherie Network and Lin Shanshan in turn are 10.3 million USD and 4.3 million USD for personal income declaration as the company's income

. Under Chinese law, some high-income people will be subject to a higher tax rate than the company. This is not the first time that happens in China but it shows that the government has a tough stance More for Livestream activities. For many Chinese Internet users, Livestream has become a popular shopping in Covid-19 pandemic
Thus the platforms like Doouyin, China's Tiktok version and owned by bytedance have become the opponent of traditional e-commerce platforms such as Taobao of Alibaba. The online sellers are fined on All work for Hangzhou Chenfan Clothing established by Zhu. The company's strategist Li Zhiqiang is currently being investigated for helping plans and supports the implementation of tax evasion. Each the transmitter directly has to pay twice the amount of unofficial taxes with the fines is different. A representative of Chenfan said the company does not have any comments and will not accept interviews at this time.Zhu, who has more than 15 million followers on the Weibo platform penalized for transferring 13.2 Million USD Personal and remuneration into income for many companies that she founded in 2019 and 2020. Thanks to this game she had escaped with a tax amount of 4.7 million USD.Lin, who had 9 , 6 million followers in Weibo also adopted the same way to evade tax with about 2 million USD
zhu raised in Wenzhou, another big city in Zhejiang Province and one of those There is the first generation influence. She took advantage of a large number of fans on Weibo to sell on her e-commerce store. In 2011 Zhu was studying at Zhejiang Gongshang University and opened an online clothing store with classmates Qian Yufan. Now it becomes one of the largest women's clothing stores on Taobao. In 2015, Zhu established Chenfan and operated as CEO and President. She also became the least name of that year when dating Wang Sicong, the son of the founder of Wanda Wang Jianlin Group, one of China's richest men. The two then broke up and Zhu married in the summer of 2017. Since the Livestream activity sales on e-commerce pages flourished, Zhu had faced the increasing competition, especially from Celebrities like Li Jiaqi and Viya. These two people sold a total of 2.9 billion USD in the first day of the Single Festival 11/11 this year.zhu currently ranked third among the live players on Taobao.Nhung Dung Zhu Chenhui, Online sellers have just been punished for escaping in recent months, China is strengthening monitoring of tax evasion in entertainment and sellers through Livestream. Earlier this year, actress with a range of influence has become the argument when her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng accuses she got a high hostel in a television program with a contract lies. After investigation in August, Shanghai Tax Department said Zheng was fined 46 million USD. Zhang was later fined 5 million USD last month for helping to help the tax evasion. The Chinese government also stopped other dark faces of e-commerce that delivered directly this year. In August, the Ministry of Trade provided a draft regulatory for this industry and stated that the items were not sold when directly played. Sex toys, spyware, foreign press and drugs are both banned products. The Ministry has announced a series of other guidelines in April 2021 and sent to the Network Space Management Department China, the State Administration Department on market regulations and four other management agencies. Rules require platforms to create a list of illegal products and hire censors to maintain the safety of direct playback content.

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