Grasping These 7 Notes, You Will Never Worry About Cosmetic Irritation Anymore

Don't dare try a new item just because they will irritate the skin? Even use a product for reusing a product because they don't irritate, even though it doesn't work? 0: 00/5: 15 Real Estate, without the best cosmetics that only have cosmetics suitable for Your skin. During skin care as many experts once mentioned, persevering and suitable products are 2 critical elements. Cosmetics are not peaceful, they will only really make your skin more beautiful when they fit their skin and are used properly. And of course to find the product suitable for skin not easy We will have to try a lot. Come here Surely you will worry that, maybe bet your skin until you find a "Far"? However with 7 notes below, not only quickly find the right product You won't have to worry about cosmetic irritation

. Regarding the important lane when you start skin care and want to improve your skin that really understands your skin. Understand the skin here Including skin type, characteristics of skin every season, skin surface problems and even hidden problems under the dermis (pigmentation legs, hidden acne, pigment .
.), even your skin will react How when the living mode changes. The bigpoint plus when you understand your skin is that you will always grasp the smallest changes on the skin and always know you need to give the skin "what to eat" . To do this, you can completely monitor skin and learn with reliable sources of information or visit and consult with doctors, dermatologists. Use the recording of products Using helps you track your entire skin care cycle clearly and agree. Although you need a minimalist style or a combination of 7749 steps, there should also be a list of products and always update this list if there are any changes. A benefit of maintaining this habit That's when you change the skin care cycle or any new product, if unfortunately there is an irritation or any unwanted response, you can know the source of the city. The main part of the product is using a more upgrade habit than the second note and also takes more time. But there is no beauty that doesn't take time, right? If with the second note, you can know which products make the skin irritated, with the third note, you can know which skin irritates with any ingredients. And this will give us a habit of examining the component board before buying any product
When buying any 1 skin care products, you can see the component table printed on the packaging. Please record all, or at least the first 10 components in the table, because this will be the large percentage components in the product. Ingredients in skin care are chemicals, they will react when exposed to skin or with components in other products. So grasp the components clearly, you will step another step to the dream skin already. Habits the habit of opening the unusual opening day, we only pay attention to the expiry date of the product but forget Open the lid day. Between the products in use, it is impossible to remember the exact exact date of each type. If it is not recorded, it is difficult to remember, leading to the situation when the product has expired but does not know. And using cosmetics Expiry is no different from eating. You will see on product packaging with stamping expiration date, while signing the lid opening limit with 3m, 6m, 12m numbers ... corresponding to 3 months, 6 months, 12 months ... in it, Shelf life is the term of storage and use when not opening the lid. The lid opening is calculated from the date of the lid to the end of the symbol. After this time, even without expiration, you cannot use any product to reduce the time to record the product cover date: - write directly on the packaging (bottle bottom / box) and remember to use Permanent ink pen.- Record in the book or note phone to be able to check at any time needed. Do not use many new products Many new people when replacing a product or adding a new Treatment often replacing Skin care. Or just when the weather changes, the season switch will also replace the nursing. But this will lead to 2 cases: - If the skin is lucky does not need any problems, it doesn't need to be discussion. Why is irritation, which is "crime" to leave. Learn it carefully before adding or changing any product in the skin care cycle. If you really need to change, replace slowly and each product. You won't want the skin to be "real" right? Always test the new product before using the face to face the face is a thin and sensitive skin, but also our "facade" should not be any time face face to try

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