Grease Eye Fatty In A Late Spa, A 5-year Woman With A Scene Of ‘earthly Hell’ Because Pairs Of Reverse Eyelids

The secret of the narration of the person who claims to claim 'doctor' to practice aesthetics, the woman in Tay Ninh for 5 years to bear the scene was turned under the redness of the red blood violence.0: 00/2: 26 years Bear a scene of "hell to earth" because the pair turned up reverse reverse, the female patient was hospitalized in the lower condition of overturning, red hoe, bright red veins as it was about to explode. Patient is LTTA ( 43 years old, Tay Ninh) said that with the desire to own beautiful eyes, overcome the situation of sagging eyes, so she went to a cosmetic facility in Tay Ninh with the requirement to take the lower eyelid . Only after 4-5 days, she saw the uneven eyelid and showed signs, so I immediately asked the doctor here again. Implementation, her eyes have no signs of recovery but also fall into serious flip

. The two eyes of the current female customer cannot be closed, always in burning status, making it difficult in activities and delivery Next. tolerate the pain in the eyelid for many years. Explain the cause of the commitment, she cried and said, "Thinking the doctor will fix the 2nd eye better but I was really wrong
After two failed surgeries I completely don't believe in the aesthetics, no longer believe in anyone else! Now my eyes closed to not closed, water into his eyes. Because nobody to believe, I only know this pain incur with this pain! .Qua Clinical examination, the doctor said: "In case this mi flip is the treatment aesthetic that I often meet. Because the doctor takes too much skin, eye fat and tightening the lift, making the eye flipped. With the eyes of the female customer, I will treat the method of using the skin after the ear to pair into the patient's skin overturn. Leather transplantation is the only method to rescue these eyes. "TS. BS supports surgery for patients with skin transplant surgery, sister A broke with happiness! The eyelid area has been closed, the folds are gradually hidden. Now, her eyes have been able to close nature, no longer suffer from pain. Beauty goods in unprecedented facilities
Non-licensed establishments and doctors who are not granted practice certificates are still abortion, hiding at spas, aesthetic institute has caused incalculable consequences for many customers. Sister recommends Beauty so I find out, choosing a cosmetic facilities that are eligible, operating licenses, performers with practice certificates Avoid unfortunate complications. Suspense

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