Great Giants Plastic Will Liquidate Bmw Cars Billions Buy Batches?

BMW Z4 convertible sports car was purchased at the end of last year with BMW X3 and BMW X7 ... but recently, this giann continued to sell 1 BMW. Nhat Minh also known as Minh Plastic has shared about the purchase of 3 genuine BMW cars including Z4, X3, X7 that makes many people overwhelmed by the game's play

. The Plastic Ming Bit BMW in the batch was surprised and thought that this car player wants to do media and will soon liquidate its BMW car. The BMW Z4 car of the Plastic before returning to 1 person to buy Used cars. As a rumor, only 3 months later, the BMW X3 car was sold for a used car to buy used cars
At that time, the BMW car of the employer Pagani Huayra was only less than 2,000 km. So far, the BMW car bought with the genuine lot of the plastic has been resold, the name we want to mention is Z4 New generation, very rare models on the surfing market at this T-shaped land strip, so they will get a lot of interest. Ho Chi Minh City, BMW Z4 convertible sports car has only sold 900 km, with this speedometer, showing that the unique son of a plastic giants proved Very rarely when running BMW Z4. So, after nearly 1 year buying 3 genuine BMW cars, Minh Plastic is said to have sold BMW X3 as well as BMW Z4 and unknown the fate of the current BMW X7 car how. Many sources said that the X7 vehicle was used by his father's father frequently used. Unknown BMW car price of Minh Plastic with the owner of the company to buy and sell cars used with BMW Z4 SDrive30i convertible sports car This, only knows that the price of BMW Z4 genuine SDrive30i is currently VND 3.41 billion not including rolling costs as well as options. The 6th generation BMW Z4 convertible Re-use soft tops after multiple versions use a convenient hard convertible. The sixth generation BMW Z4 of the 6th generation can be closed in a 10-second period with vehicle conditions running at a speed of less than 50 km / h. Especially, BMW Z4's new generation is closed or open
Influenced the luggage compartment with a volume of 265 liters. The new generation of the new generation BMW Z4 convertible sports car has been sold by the giants to be genuine, so it is a SDrive30i MSPort, which is synonymous Equipped with a 2.0-liter engine block, producing a maximum capacity of 255 horsepower and maximum torque of 400 nm. This engine allows the BMW Z4 SDrive30i MSPort convertible sports car to accelerate from the outstanding position 100 km / h Only in 5.4 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 250 km / h.Video: Minh Plastic Full of 3 latest BMW in Vietnam in 2020.Guyen Chung

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