Great Way For Husband And Wife To Avoid Quarreling In The House

Just because of the gestures, taking care of the daily daily cramps that the couple quarreled, put together into the strange people ... 0:00 / 3: 42 South Southern Many couples have to "get lost" sometimes Which couple are angry and hard to sit down together sharing and chatting? Maybe your anger - even the opponent's relationship between the two more and more distance? .

.. Every dispute, conflict between the couple is because everyone tries to win . Artwork
In marriage journey occurs disagreement, contradictory, quarreling, even scuffle is unavoidable. When the "I" is high, your surrounding relationships will "die" there. Every argument, conflict between the couple who wants to win. However, the true competition - true not to solve the problem, and after all the remaining is hurt, suffering, unhappy ... even made the couple become enemies in each other's eyes. Husband and wife are all debt, keeping or not because of themselves. We come together with passionate love, the day I hand-held each other to enter the road, I swore double, whether illness, rich or poor will also pass together. But time accidentally , The appointment of this year has now faded in five months
We forget the feeling of love, instead, there are arguments, contradictions ... the domain piles the persistent pain for each other. Both couple don't know that it is easy "lost each other "through gestures, incredible actions, daily ... make a person decide to turn right, the other person is definitely turning left. So every person leaned, disappeared into some strange people. This life is crowded, the charming house is crowded, the meaning of his husband and wife to have "lost" Europe is also a common love. An intense wisdom advice, every time you quarrel Be calm, where and drink tea Go, breathe and smile freshly ... The secret to lowering the opponent's feelings there is a secret to be able to lower the opponent (lowering feelings) of the enemy to avoid quarreling, contradiction, disagreement. .. or not? Realizing that this is one of the problems that we - especially women or trapped, Tue An will contribute to debugging for the couples to mediate and lower the opponent's feelings. When the husband missed a beat Step, wife rushed back. When his wife goes faster, she will be chased. When her husband's hand is leaving, his wife must grab tight ... that's a marriage, that is a one-lived couple. Just saying that boredom doesn't want to see each other, lose each other, "lost each other" then what to get again? Everyone wants to be interested and loved by his wife and lovingly, but will you know the right love Not yet. Don't love it, fell in love with yourself. Not married, married, don't let me suffer. Next love is not difficult, do we don't know how to walk. So stop lying to hurt each other. Instead, learn how to reconcile and lower the opponent's feelings as follows: 1. First, please replicate yourself, if what they say is right, grateful to them because they are helping you to improve yourself.2. If what they say is not correct, let go - Although it's not easy, it is necessary to make you relaxed. Why? Because if you are good that others say you are bad, it doesn't make you deteriorate. They are criticizing you because they are wearing the prism of the negative, or simply they like to criticize (but most people or like criticism, judgment and evaluation others). Therefore, let go of flexibility for meat, handicap for size.3. Next, saying bad you are their jobs, and your job is to live well so no one believes what they say. Remember I know who I am, what are you doing, thinking about what is the most important. Don't try to crush the person criticizing you, focusing on yourself and your other relationships. But don't refute them. How do they treat you as their karma, but how do you treat them with your karma.5. Just calm, where there is it, drink tea, breathe and smile freshly ... It is important that you have enough awake to realize the opponent from me or not? Can you be calmer to predict the enemy? Can you be more stable to be together, with your spouse to continue to grow or not? Tue An (Marriage - Family Consultant)

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