Great Way To Make A Crispy Pork With A Non-oil Fryer For The Whole House In The Mid-autumn Festival

In order to have a piece of crispy skin, the taste is delicious, it is necessary to choose the clean meat, the skin of the toned meat, soft granule. The pork is crispy in the cold days Of Air Thu. Housewives treat the whole family with super simple moves below. Crispy pigs, delicious taste. Photo of the material: Meat three only: 700g; Fine salt: 1/2 teaspoon cafe; Five flakes: 5g; Main noodles: 1 tablespoons cafe; Sea salt big seeds: 1 small bowl; White vinegar made: After washing the meat, put the package into the ceiling with boiling water until the package in the pack is light

. Next, mix five flavors, fine salt, main noodles into a mixture of meat spices. Use the plate to stab the face, then clean it cleanly. The flesh used a slight and marinated knife with the mixed spice above, squeezing the spice to penetrate the meat but note not to spice it
After marinating, put the meat into the tray, flip the face upwards, putting a white vinegar layer and dried. Put the refrigerator cooling box. Leave morning to night (about 12 hours) for meat permeate spices and then spin. Sweet, fragrant flesh, crispy envelope. The image of the meat went out for the meat to get a sealed paper of the flesh that could be tiny to remove the water for a dry salt with a tight grain with a thickness of about 0.3-0.5mm. Heat the non-oil fryer 3 minutes heat 180 and put the meat into the pot.Ban head, remember to adjust the heat of 180 degrees -25 minutes, then remove the meat to remove the salt on the package. By the second time, you adjust the heat to 200 degrees -20 minutes of reaching
The flesh is sweet, fragrant, crispy package, with salty taste of salt, dark yellow eye-catching.Phan Nguyen

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