Greece To Build Walls On The Border, Prevent Afghan Refugees From Flowing Into Europe

After the Taliban prevailed in Afghanistan, Greece built a 40 km barrier in the border with Turkey and deployed the monitoring system to prevent a new refugee crisis. On August 20, Greece said the country completed a 40 km long barrier to Turkey and deployed a new monitoring system to prevent asylum users to approach Europe after the Taliban controlled most Afghanistan, according to the sheet South China Morning Post. Greeks stand guard at the border with Turkey. Photo: AP The events in Afghanistan recent days have raised concerns in the European Union on the possibility of repeating the refugee crisis in 2015. At that time, nearly one million people flee war and poverty In the Middle East crossed the Greek border to find a better life in the old continent

. So, the Greek border guards are in a highly alert condition to ensure that the country does not become the gateway to Chau Europe of migrants once again. According to the Minister of Greek Citizens Michalis Chrisochoidis, the crisis in Afghanistan can create a new migration wave into Europe. "We cannot passively wait Wait for the impact can happen
We will keep their borders safe and inviolable "- Mr. Chrisochoidis told reporters.

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