Green Cosmetics, Did You Understand This Concept?

In the context of increasing environmental pollution, cosmetic consumers in the world have become more aware of the use of cosmetics so that little causes the most environmental consequences of possible instances.02 / 3: 32 Nandeline Natural Package A few years ago, cosmetic manufacturers have sought to change product packaging into more decompose materials. Some brands have moved their balm from plastic shells to paper shells. Products such as deodorant rollers, sun protection, makeup chalks and color lipsticks .

.. also began to appear in the market with environmentally friendly packaging. Consumers in the world also began to show the attitude towards These products use once in plastic packaging
For example, once masks, shampoo and conditioner once in plastic packaging, it is very handy but flushing out much waste. There are consumer groups "say no to the sample": instead of receiving the disposable test sample, they come to the store to experience the product. The "Natural Cosmetics" concept is not only Stop at the use of cosmetic products with natural ingredients. Using cake room soap is the perfect alternative product for shower or shampoo, considering environmental friendliness. If shower or shampoo need to be closed in plastic bottles (and can have plastic membranes covered outside), then soap only needs to be wrapped with paper or a nylon layer in and thin. Instead of such as the previous day, consumers in Vietnam are almost only able to choose brushes, plastic makeup brushes, this is now, bamboo beauty tools, wood have covered many large supermarket chains . Most recently, in Vietnam, there are "bamboo brushes". Accordingly, the plastic rolling of the brush is replaced with bamboo material (or other wood material). Using domestic goods to reduce carbon discharge gas emissions is the amount of emissions into the environment through daily activities. Cosmetic import and export activities are said to have discharged many CO2 gases, so green living people are prioritizing the use of domestic items rather than imported goods
Inland consumer directions to protect the lips The school comes from abroad and has spread to Vietnam. In recent years, in Vietnam, many cosmetic brands are produced domestically with high quality and reasonable prices. Another step for Vietnamese cosmetics to protect the environment is to plant native herbs and exploit the cosmetic material - to replace the source of imported raw materials from abroad. Beautiful with green cosmetics with green cosmetics The popularity of books on Japanese lifestyle, minimalist lifestyle has become a trend of Vietnamese youth. Many people who live minimality are natural lovers, environmental protection, because these two lifestyle styles have a lot of similarities together. Minimalist beauty also becomes the beauty and skin care option. Instead of using multiple products, a consumer can only use a cleansing product and a good quality supporting product to replace a multi-step skin care process in Vietnam. Minimal skin care is how skin care is not picky but can give good results. This method is also carried out in many countries around the world, such as France and Japan. Korea is remembered that the country has sophisticated skin care and makeup processes. However, also in Korea has appeared the reverse beauty movement: Skincare Diet (reduced skin) and No Makeup (not makeup, or almost no makeup). With increasing environmental pollution developments Complex, the use of green cosmetics is no longer in "exploiting natural values to cosmetics", but also "preserving the earth forever green". In the coming years, we will become increasingly more and more likely to consume this natural love consumption, expressed by both procurement and moves from brands. Because of using many products, one person Consumer can only use a cleanser product and a good quality support product to replace a multi-step skin care process. See more videos are being interested in:

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