Green Exhibition ‘greenlens’ – Talking Paintings

Inspired by the form of 'photovoice' - the scattered paintings, teachers and games of the University of Business Administration and Tourism Hanoi University (Hanu) have organized an online exhibition event called 'Greenlens' - A Vision of Sustainable World (vision of a sustainable world). Images at the exhibition. In the framework of the event with the participation of lecturers of trade universities, the national economy, society and society Humanities; enterprises come from provinces and cities of Vietnam; as well as a large student, student and more is that there is a representation of representatives who are attending the secondary school. An - Student Secondary School Doan Thi Diem shared, each photo is a characteristic message, bearing the meaning of environmental protection. "I think the most impressive picture named" the minimalism of the banquet table ", it's like a decision of the enterprise when giving the message, the surface flashy doesn't say anything, but more They have focused on the internal quality of the banquet table, of life and environmental protection "- Thien An expressed his photo with a message with the meaning of environmental protection

. Thien An said Added, I have discovered tourism in Dubai 10 days and saw a cultivating country very attaching great importance to green, people consciously protecting the environment. That action is shown from the way they guide wrapping Each nilon bag into small triangles, sets neatly into the corner of the kitchen to reuse. In addition, in Hawaii Island America and some countries people also banned visitors to use sunscreen to protect the sun
Coral reefs. The issue of sustainable development orientation in the tourism and service sector, representing students of tourism in Hanoi University, Nguyen Kim Ngan said that sustainable development in This can be briefly understanding the current needs without affecting the future generation; is a smokeless economy at which the natural habitat is protected and preserved. Nguyen Duc Hoa Courtes - Head of Hanoi University of Tourism Spread the message: Previously alarm signal from Sustainable environment, especially Covid-19 pandemic. Through the exhibition, each person easily recognizes the importance of the behaviors, sustainable development activities and the need to pursue the green lifestyle; More interested in your health ... general view, Ms. Phuong Lan - General Director of Family Consulting - Training and Communications Company expressed, to efforts to cultivate and build a community Green - Clean - Beautiful to "spread from small things" by "Everyone wants to do something great, but don't realize that life is made up of very small things." "Need to educate communication from the root for children in love, love peace, live in nature, environmentally friendly" - Ms Phuong Lan said. Phuong Lan shared, impressed with the message "A picture is more than thousands of words," The exhibition spreads and thinks that "Let the real values of tourism exude communication messages instead of words, or too dependent on certain advertisements
Just take care of the service from the heart of travelers to reach the heart of visitors - it is sustainable. Do not need to be big or small, the more not compare Dubai with Vietnam or any location calendar. The beauty inherently in every travel service we've been and will aim, so that every day it is more beautiful, enhances the international level to bowl of melon or ethnic melon or the ethnic minority or wins also become Interesting curiosity with international visitors.

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