‘greenhouse’ 6,000 Square Meters See The Fantasy New York Panoramic From The 91th Floor

Sightseeing tickets 'Observatory has the most impressive experience in the world' at Summit One Vanderbilt, New York will start selling on October 21. The city of buildings, New York always owns The world's top observations on the top of Empire State, Top of the Rock, One World Observatory or Edge Nyc. Recently, an enchanting glass mirror named Transcendence 1 Located in Kenzo Digital's installation art project has officially opened the door. 'Glass office is 6,000 square meters in higher than 350 meters, Transcendence 1 Introduced is the 'Observatory carrying the most impressive and abundant experience in the world'. One of the things that makes this room becomes the difference is that the space is used as a real storytelling picture

. Every time you turn into a new corner, the story will be constantly developed. Guests will have an impressive art experienceKenzo Digital, the project author said 'Entering the room, everyone will be spread Powerful polygon art tests and stories appear in both literally and flee '. Space stories are shown by Kenzo Digital to start this special discovery of' room ' , visitors can go to Summit One Vanderbilt building right in the Grand Center Chicken (Central Grand) and only take 42 seconds away in a glass elevator to reach the 91th floor to see New York
Transcendence located on the floor 91 of the Both Building Marc Holliday, President and CEO of SL Green Investment Fund, and the owner of this building, said 'Thanks to Transcendence 1, the public excess with Summit One Vanderbilt is not denying. We are so hot to welcome all New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world to experience this unique here'.Summit One Vanderbilt is the 4th highest building in New York, a Vanderbilt Building is one The project is worth 3.3 billion USD designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates Architecture Company. With a height of 427 meters, One Vanderbilt is the 4th highest building in New York. In addition to Transcendence 1 greenhouses, more than 6,000 square meters, visitors can also experience levitation, a system of transparent boxes protruding from the tower, making visitors like flying off the ground. The box system Levitation glasses help visitors panoramic views of the city experience Summit One Vanderbilt will begin selling since next month with the starting price of about 39 US dollars for an adult. Security (According to CNN, Travel and Leisure)

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