Groom Is Crazy, Joining The Battle For Girls’ Daily Joke

Throw powder, throwing dirty paints, so unable to open the eyes, the Chinese groom becomes loss of control, rushing into the war with many people in: 00/1: 48 nam nuoi, at one The wedding took place in a rural countryside of Hac Bich City, Henan Province, China took place a rare incident. Because they were teasing them too much, the groom was crazy and mixed with her jokingly, creating a chaotic scene., On the day of the wedding, the groom of the clothes Welcome strawberry. Relatives and friends on both sides of the family also came to congratulate extremely bustling. At this moment, some people with girls rushed out to marriage, they used paint, powder thrown on the groom, causing his eyes not to open up

. Fun, the groom turned to be extremely angry but still Try to follow. As a result, the more they ended up, they were both sides, especially the girl's house, the more and more jokes, the evil jokes, causing the groom completely lost their temper. Paint and powder all over the person
Finally, unable to stand it, the groom rushes to the mixture with evil guests, forming a disturbance, causing many people to be terrified. Must come when someone enters the can, the new story ends. After the images and information about the incident are spread online, it has attracted many interested interests, attention of public opinion. The majority of everyone argue that this naked violence is too obstructed, violent, it is better to remove all these daily jokes, so that the wedding is more fun. According to the countryside, in some countryside China, the people still keep the virtue of marriage with the diet, naughty. Although the tradition of this marriage, it has very nice purpose, used to stir the wedding air, making people cheerful but over time, it is increasingly transforming, making the bride and groom unlike Every crime of the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids are also often severe, harassing right in the wedding due to the marriage. Even the groom died right in the wedding because he was evilted by friends, hitting his head to the ground. According to arbitrary / VTC News

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