From the story of a parent penalty to kneel for a good student for 7 years but still slide high school, GS. Truong Chay Thanh raised the point of view, if he told people to succeed or fail because of a competition, thought that the competition decided his child's life, it was a mistake.0: 00/6: 56 namgs. Truong Nguyen Thanh concept, failure is the opportunity to teach children the lesson how to stand up.Thi slip is not failed but goes to success in another way

. However, many parents are tracing their child's slip test, what do you think? In how many children have the competition, go through many challenges. If you tell people to succeed or fail because of a competition, think that the competition decides his child's life, it's a mistake. When the child goes to high school, no one needs to know how much primary school
When going to high school, no one needs to know that the person is the "Primary Founder", or each school. Once the entrance into college and no one took anyone to attend any school, how much is the score at the high school. It is important to have a lot of ways to go, not just a single road. Just like I'm in District 3 want to go to District 1, if the main road leads to being blocked, I have a hundred ways to go into District 1, not necessarily going to the path. The exam that parents for his feelings overwhelmed their mind is a pity. The ability to measure the capacity and value of a child by score, by achievement will make children slip long in tragedy, follow He? The capacity of a person is not at the score, the more not measured by scores. The score is just a temporary measure, not absolutely. "I have ever designed, building problems to let my child challenge themselves, failed in high school. That is, I'm ready Create opportunities for your child to face that failure. I go against the crowd, I create opportunities for your child to be like "vaccine" for your child to sturther, because of death in real life Much more heavy "
My body fails, failed, a lot of success. If you take the measure of the test, the degree, the achievement to ask a child what is successful is to be excited to be too hungry.How that parents - their lives have failure? Do they come back to look back on their lives? If their lives failed but not because of the "sacrificed father, reinforcing" to make their children "repayment" for failures In my life. Not that few parents are sowing into the thought of the child of the slide exam meant to close the future? Actually at elementary age, high school is the place for the child to fail. Also because of those age failures are not expensive. Specifically, when it comes to a big failure, it is too small, or the 10th grades are too small, not studying this school and should see the study results at primary and universal levels . I want your child to taste defeat, want you to know "who I am", "Where I stand". Therefore, I have ever designed, building problems to let my child challenge themselves, failed to be in high school. That is, I am willing to create opportunities for your child to face that failure. I go against the crowd, I created the opportunity for my child to be "vaccine" for my child to sturther, Because the out-of-life failure is much heavier. It is said that I injection for the "vaccine failed" nose in high school so that when I tripped in real life, I will know how to respond, stand up, will not fall. I call it "defeat" .cha moms think, failure is the opportunity to teach children how to stand up. Because no one withdrawing any lesson from success, you only learn the lesson from the failure. GS. Truong Nguyen Thanh Sharing, many parents do not understand the harmfulness of bringing children to 'statues' will greatly affect children. (Source: communication) Pressure exams, scoring pressure, achievement pressure is not a new story but must have been a lot of concerns behind a mother who fine knees when many years are a good study but Examination of high school slides causing the past public opinion? Parents think that it is just an act of punishing children to remember but they forgot the harmful effects of doing that psychology will affect the whole child's life later. Of course, the exam fails, parents are often unhappy, some people will take actions that make the child pain in physical and mentally, psychology like hitting, surrounding, offering penalties ... all onions It has a great influence, harmful to the child's later life. Does parents understand the consequences of jobs when angry or not? I think, every mother loves her child, including her mother to kneel. But at that time, they were too angry and when he was angry with them to behave to give the other person painful, mentally, psychological ... all that behave only helps people discharge instantly anger but Do not understand its consequences. So to learn real, real exams, give the "product" real education

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