Gua Sha Stone Face Massage To Fight Aging And Reduce Stress

Gua Sha stone face massage for anti-aging and stress reductions If it is a follower of natural skin care methods, you certainly should not ignore gua sha massage therapy. Sha was no longer strange with beauty lovers. Starting from Chinese traditional medicine, this method helps you own stretches, slimming faces with sharper lines. Not only known as an anti-aging method and sticky Effective wrinkles, this is also a therapy that helps improve efficient health. Some studies have shown that 10 minutes of massage with GUA Sha can stimulate blood circulation, enhance detoxification and metabolic metabolism 4 times compared to normal

. In particular, the movements and direct rubbing on the skin also help send signals to our nervous system, thereby reducing stress, soothes the mind, improving effective mental health. Use Rock Gua Sha properly? A clean skin is what you need to ensure when starting operations with GUA SHA. Therefore, first of all, don't forget to remove the page and thoroughly clean the skin to ventilated pores and the next massage steps to maximize the use
ADA OOI facials specialist is certified by the University of Medicine

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