Guaranteed No Interruption Of Training Work Of Athletes

In the context of translation, Covid-19 continues to have complex developments, national tournaments have not organized back, the training of athletes at Thanh Hoa Provincial Training and Training Center still Guaranteed of expertise and continue to implement the translation room at the highest level. The athletes of Thanh Hoa Athletics still maintained practice at the provincial stadium. Near 700 athletes of 31 SPORTS OF CAO THANH ACHIEVEMENTS Chemistry is still implementing "dual duties", while ensuring training and training in accordance with the plan, and strictly implementing the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic. The center has actively directed the Functional rooms enhance the role and responsibility together with training departments to improve exercises, supplementing exercise conditions to suit the excitement for athletes during the training process. In addition, the advanced nutrition for athletes is also concerned, ensuring that athletes have meals that ensure nutrition and food safety and hygiene and safety

. The center has conducted a "ban camp" order The prevention and control of epidemics is taken seriously, strictly and at the highest level. Coaches, athletes are not arbitrarily going out, all activities, practices implemented on campuses and training locations. The subjects are responsible for managing the athletes in both practice as well as staying, monitoring the regular health situation of athletes
The center also regularly conducts medical examinations, moving pages, antiseptic water for coaches and athletes. Thanh Hoa coaches, athletes are currently concentrated in national teams to comply with the regulations of national disciplines and centers. Contacting the contact and connection to grasp the situation maintained regularly. With SEA Games 31 organizations in Vietnam, officially reversed in 2022, if Covid-19 translation is controlled, national tournament tournaments 2021 will be held back, is an opportunity for the athletes of Thanh Hoa. Therefore, ensuring exercise, medium and supervision of translations is a way for Thanh Hoa sports towards protecting the objectives.

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