Gucci, Crocs Are Most Fierce In 2021

Gucci items are searched for 87,600 only in the first 6 months of 9:00 to 1: 56 namtheo sneakers news, fake goods are showing signs of increasing in fashion industry 2021. Organization cooperation and cooperation Economic development believes that footwear is one of 5 industries with counterfeit people targeted. In 2019, the damage levels of businesses are affected by fake goods on 464 billion USD. In a study of USWITCH and AHREFS, Gucci, Gucci is the most fake brand from the shopping needs of the object that cannot afford to pay for brands. Gucci brand is fake products

. Photo: Sneakers News.Theo newspapers, Gucci's fake products are searched for 87,600 plays only within the first 6 months with items such as belts, shirts, T-shirts, footwear accessories. In addition, Yeezy and Crocs shoe also reached the list of fake goods with the searches of 25,000 times
Uswitch and Ahrefs also offer a detailed product index such as Yeezy Boost 350 fake at 12,000 times and Balenciaga triple S Located in about 7,200 times. The figures are used by search engines on Net-A-Porter online sales pages, Farfetch and add fake phrases to detect and mix specific data . Yeezy boost boost 350 has more than 20,000 searches in 2021. Photo: WWD.Ors in July, Crocs filed a lawsuit of 21 copyright infringement companies when producing counterfeit goods, including Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Danielle - Vice President of Crocs' Legal Director - said: "We are forced to protect the brand's special DNA and will not forgive copyright infringement or companies Trying to produce counterfeit goods in the market. "Even, brands and brands require the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to issue an old import ban Y fake sandals are copied from the original version registered exclusively. Katie Abel's fashion trainer said Crocs is strengthening consumers' concentration of brand images and market recognition to play revenue development. However, fake goods appear a lot at a lower price that will reduce the value of the brand. With the popularity in the market, Crocs has many branded brands
Photo: SCMP.

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