Guide To Search For Vaccination Information Covid-19 Vaccinations

0:00 / 1: 34 NAMSUA SOUTH SAMSTIME SAMSTIMUTION OF COVID-19 vaccine, people's information will be updated to the national vaccination system and people can look up the Certificate of immunization at the portal Covid-19 vaccination news. This is the portal coordinated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications in coordination, allowing people to register for injection and search for injection certificates; registration of vaccination facility; and publicly information on the number of vaccines, the allocation of vaccines, the number of registered objects, injected, the vaccination results. To look up the Covid-19 immunination information, it is necessary to take the following steps : - Step 1: Access to the link, in "Lookup" Select "Look up the injection certificate" or visit the link https://tiemchungcovid19 Portal / Search.- Step 2: Enter full and exactly the person's personal information needs to look up, and then click "Look up"
Note: The contents with the red star (*) are required to enter. - Step 3: Enter the OTP code received from the phone number provided at step 2 to the OTP authentication section and click confirmation to end work. After searching, in case of vaccination information, people perform an electronic health book application to more convenient in managing vaccination information Covid-19 room with no information, people choose "reflecting information" (orange, right side of the screen interface) to send the request to reflect update vaccination information Covid-19. Collection - Ho Chi Minh City Disease Control Center

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