Guns Under The Foot Of The Wind Pass

Under the foot of the Wai Pass in Nghia Hanh district, Mr. Truong Letter's Gunnot dress always shows off in the summer, holding the foot of the person who stands, taking photos. The gunstar of Mr. Truong Letters 1 ha, formed 40 years ago, With breeds of guns from the locality. The gunfire is close to the forest cover, the water flows from the mountain circuit

. Dresses have water from the rainy season and start shallow in July, so guns have favorable conditions for growth. Blossoms that attract a lot of butterflies to smoke bile and birds to hunt insects.Hoa blooms from April to June, usually blooming in the early morning and closes to the big sun
Flowers are also used as food such as salads, cooking hotpot. Truong Leave to pick up guns and visit grass fish farmed in lagoon. boat. People often visit early in the morning. EVER THE PEOPLE'S CHAIRS OF THE COLLECTION 100,000 VND, if picking flowers to take a picture, buy it, the price is 200,000 VND. The Hoang Thi Mai Phuong comes here and the photographer, said it was repeatedly passed through the dress and Want to come back to take photos but have not had a occasion. "The feeling of rowing boat watching gun flowers is very cool and pleasant," Phuong said.xung around the gun flower dress has many wipes, reeds make a harmonious beauty. On the way from Quang Ngai to the Central Highlands provinces, a gun dress made many people flutter when passing through this road.

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