He muttered: 'Here it is, he is the guy!'. Artwork (Internet source) early in the morning, leaving the old airport to welcome a taxi to straight hospital, last night from the grandchildren from the city to call the news It must be hospitalized for treatment. He books flying right in the night to enter for up. Get off, pressing the phone calling home, who stumbled up the sidewalk forward. Just as a man to support, he hurriedly thanked him

. The man in front didn't say anything, walked out to the hospital gate. He looked away, open in his head of a face. Startled, he called: "Faculty, the science, right?" The man hand handed the thermos still plugged the head straight
Abstinance to his eyes. No, it's impossible to mistake, the figure, the face and his eyes cannot be mixed with anyone. Not until now visited the patient, he went to the hidden stone chair after the hospital gate and decided to wait. He was sure the other man will return. He and his house with the village, playing together since the two of them were unknown to wear shorts. Let's study from one class, until the end of the second level, he was going to study the three districts, and he had to stay at home to wait next year. Then he punished in the soldiers, his unit stationed in the border guards along the Viet Lao border. Sometimes he wrote a letter told soldiers for him, forest losses and streams sweepy with his teammates and people. Hearing it really, but he understood the life of TB, dangerous. He also promised later that he would lead him to visit the "old battlefield" as he was happy for a few years, he was in college, receiving the letter he invited to the wedding
He went out a few months. His wife was the daughter of his aunt, he didn't know when he didn't let him know. Wedding day, afternoon as he asked him to sing: "Afternoon of my border, there is a higher place ...". He remembers, because his whole life only celebrates the only wedding once that married for several months, his wife pregnant sickness turned, he was very injured. One day he told his wife to visit the old unit a few days, convenient to take less honey for his wife to use. Yet he walked a distinctive circuit, the whole family looked, asking everywhere he was still unique. There was an old teammate that he was kidnapped, was abducted ... his wife cried out of tears, thanks to the whole "souls", was hopeless, finally having a child. About more than a decade later, the villagers traded in the mountains about it to meet him several times at the road, when they were in the passenger car but not yet asked him to lose. Listening to that, he did not believe, in this life, he lacks the same person, who is not such a person. The old grandson born asked his father, his mother said: "Father died!" But on the altar without a father's photo. It was because his wife didn't believe he died, still hoping to have one day he would return. His wife suffered hard, hypothesia with both internal and foreign sides. What works, from the sale of vegetables outside the market to the maid in the city, Ky has a deposit to raise children. The boy is bright, studying well, finishing college, goes to work and welcomes his mother to stay with. Now visiting the patient, the other man appeared, the handbag of water plugs and lunch boxes. He hurriedly stood up, the shape was in front, the heel did not touch the soil. He entered the first room near the 3rd floor staircase. He stopped looking through the window, a girl about 25 years old was taking care of the porridge for the woman, guessing his wife and children. Standing by the sick bed, he bent down softly and smiled, the smile didn't look a sense. He sighed and went back to the sister's room at the end of the hallway. The old man was just arrived, he saved his mother to sit up against the bedsuits. His mother's face looked better, her eyes lit a surprise when he saw him appear. He grabbed his hand: "You kept sitting still, don't ask much, I'm here long ago, looking at you this is happy." After saying, he sat looking at the guy who leaned in his mother. Mr. Thang: "It's clear, more than three dozen years old and still alone." Many times he urged, it was small: "Let me worry about the stable accommodation, take my mother and then count". Heard where it does a foreigner, the job has to go a lot, so there is little time to learn love. He knew in his mind that she was afraid of a wife who didn't suit her mother to make her mother more and she suffered a lot. The price like ... he stood up and out of the hallway, obsessing that the other man didn't stop. The guy to sit beside him when he didn't know, he said, he said: - My mother sleeps, I go home to stay healthy.Lão hesitantly: - Yes, I need to say it right away ... guys who look at him, his voice Definitely deepened: - No need for me, I saw Uncle a long time before the other door. Yes, he is my father, the other people are his wife and children. The Tam girl's name is working in a factory right in this city. I don't know my father's face but my parents' wedding photos never forget. Right from the beginning of the moment, I met him immediately. I talked to the mind and listened to say: The old days he sorely went to the forest, saw the father lie down unconsciously

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