Ha Ho’s Shape Menu

Looking at the menu of Ho Ngoc Ha, the eating association must have sighed. To name one of the most diligent sports mother Vbiz, Ho Ngoc Ha ranked second few people who dared to receive No. 1. Busy with small business and family care, the 3-year-old mother still maintains morning lobbying with each exercise that lasts about 60-90 minutes to maintain a beautiful stare complex. Ngoc Ha always takes full advantage of all time to squeeze muscles, burn fat with enough exercises

. Even when playing with her child, the female singer did not forget the mission "tunned". But, the tiny waist and the first round of the first round and the Round 3 of the "Entertainment Queen" is not only thanks to the episode She also focused on eating menu. On the personal page, the female singer that makes people love "standing" when publicly a single menu is surprised
During the training and taking care of all day, Lunch of Ho Ngoc Ha only has only 1 bowl Pomegranate. With believers who like to eat and especially Milk Bim milk are in the time of raising children, they must see this lunch menu of 3 children, everyone has to "stand" a few seconds. Because the diets are quite small, the word removal of starch, protein ... and only binding each vitamin, fiber ... in this succulent fruit type is not an easy thing to do because of yes Can be so fast and tired. However, with Ho Ngoc Ha, perhaps this is the key to a fleeting physique to open the twentieth age
Reality, grenady has long been very good for those who are looking forward to losing weight. Because in 100g of Pomegranate has 83kcal, the energy is low in fiber. Although eating a lot, you don't worry about weight gain. In particular, this is also a "pharmacy" that improves its skin effectively. In particular ingredients that help prevent appetite, especially fat foods, help sisters reduce quantity Eat loaded into your body every day. You can eat pomegranate directly or use pomegranate juice to lose weight. This pink red light water contains many sodium, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, which helps reduce harmful cholesterol, eliminating and hitting excess fat in the body, especially in the abdomen. The minerals and abundant vitamins, this fruit helps to increase collagen and elastin to produce more soft and smooth skin. Especially with the sister fear of aging to quickly, pomegranate is the power supply of abundant antioxidants, helping to protect the epidermis and help regenerate skin cells by strengthening blood circulation and support Support for repair of tissues. By the great uses above, it is not difficult to understand why Ho Ngoc Ha spends the whole lunch to enjoy the whole pomegranate. And followed on Kim Ly commune's personal page, many people found that fruits and fruits were always added to all daily meals. This is also a way to supplement fiber, vitamins, minerals ... Necessary as well as help prevent the body from loading into a variety of fatty foods. Hu Ngoc Ha turns yourself pursuing realistic regime object. The menu of a meal is so it is always filled with the colors of the vegetables and fresh fruits. Ngoc Ha often chose to open a new day with oat porridge or yogurt with all kinds Nutritious beads such as split seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts. These fruits are often added by the 3-year-old mother to the menu, bananas, blueberries. These are all good fruits for tingle and skin beauty. To lunch, Ho Ngoc Ha often eats more comfortably with simple dishes. Sometimes, female singers also choose to process salads, black clamps of tomatoes, butter to diverse weight loss menu, keep their shape. End of 1 day at age, Ho Ngoc Ha provides a lot of nutrients Vitamins for proteins through the combination of friction salmon, franking shrimp, brown rice with a variety of fruits like grapefruit, tomatoes ... Both these fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamins B1 ... And especially rich in fiber. And in the case if the day is "a bit too", the evening of Ha Ho sometimes ends with half of the corn. This vegetable contains vitamins B, zinc, iron and magnesium. This is also a small source of starch to help the body not feel hungry.

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