Ha Lai Leaves, 4-star Ocop Products With Bold Flavor

Ha Lai leaf cake products are not only delicious as well as a long-lasting language that are increasingly developing both in scale and quality, worthy of OCOP 4 stars in: 00/3: 08 noubto: Production of leaf cakes in Ha Lai, Ha Trung.Xã Ha Lai (Ha Trung and Thanh Hoa) is not only a land of historical and cultural values. Ha Lai is also known for many specialty dishes that bear the criticism of a country countryside. In it, the most typical is a simple, simple leaf cake, but it is characterized by a thousand-year wet rice culture. This is an indispensable traditional cake in the holidays, worshiping, worshiping Worsen the ancestral grandfather, the village festival and the people's events here

. Ha Lai has a climate and a cool irrigation water, where there are many famous delicious rice. Leave it, through her creative, skillful hands, moms, created a rich lai-taste leaves. The taste of the cake is a total of the taste of the products, raw materials, close, rustic relatives
Trinh Thi Ha, head of the leaf cake production team of Ha Lai Agricultural Service Cooperative said: Process Today's rolling techniques, though have been improved, still keep almost intact the traditional know-how of the people here. Previously, the cake of Ha Lai leaves was usually only made during the holidays, Tet, anniversary ... Today, the leaves become a daily delicious dish, a gift package of far away ... Ms. Ha said, to There are a delicious cake, rice is a raw material that has a decisive role. There are many types of rice that can make loops, but rice, creating a typical cake flavor for Ha Lai people is rice xi 23
Donation is carefully selected after each harvest, preserved separately. Before processing was soaked in water from 2 to 3 hours, then grinded into powder, so finely smooth. After grinding, the powder is placed on a small fire kitchen, stirring the hand until the thickness, flexibility Chopsticks. This is a very important stage, only a little small preliminary processing in preliminary processing, can make the cake made is no longer delicious. Rice soaking techniques and "flour" are a very specific trick, making the characteristic flavor of Ha Lai leaves completely differently and cannot be mixed with cakes of other localities ... Powder done, will switch to work The paragraph makes the cake. Baby meat is only delicious, minced, then marinated with dry and many other spices, so that the smell ... after, the stage of preparing the flour and the multiplication was done, the cake was packed with fresh leaves in a fold Stickling leaves, bending two heads. This package creates a neat, firm cake, very beautiful. Before, Ha Lai's leaves are often boiled on the charcoal stove, traditional firewood kitchen ... Today, the cake is furnished in the steamed cabinet. Large quantity production, helping delicious cakes and longer storage time, ensuring food safety and hygiene. The most delicious cake is enjoying when hot and dotting with traditional fish sauce. , at Ms. Trinh Thi Ha's production facility, each month of production base is about 30,000 cakes, with selling prices from 3,000 - 5,500 dong / pieces of Nguyen Van Tuyen, Chairman of Ha Lai Commune People's Committee said now, now , Ha Lai leaves are produced with a large scale, according to the strict process managed by Ha Lai agricultural service cooperative, ensuring food safety standards. The product is gradually reaching further, becoming a familiar cuisine. Traditional makers are growing, attracting a lot of local workers, especially women

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