Ha Thanh Land, To Grasses Should Also Music – So Poetry!

With species like peach flowers, milk, eagle, crocodile ... in Northern, almost no city missing. But in Hanoi, looks like their 'position' in the leaf tree has been raised! East, look at the bare trees, nestled on the corner of the street, or the slight scent of milk flowers At the end of the collection, it will certainly evoke a lot of memories and reflections for children away from Hanoi

. The difficulty of expollauch is, if the milk flavor is threat to collect Hanoi, recall people love and what is too long - that's the thing (if in other lands), it gives people uncomfortable , Make many people want to deny? !!! What a strange, soil grass, it seems to bring the soul of the people here? Saying so there is no idea ..
biased, due to us (residential residents), "eating Loc" Ha Thanh land. Hai Phong land, red phoenix flowers have long been a symbol. With Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, "10-seasons city", also the song each "song" for a while. However, the "10 seasonal seasons" met a different idea, but it was absolutely in the song, did not mention flowers and plants. Da Lat, the land of thousands of flowers, only a few species mentioned in music in music like "Ai on the land of peaches", "where Mimoza comes from" ... and Thang Long land, from thousands of life is now The heart of the whole country, it's not just those who are far away from the countryside, who one time is attached to the new capital to remember every time away from Hanoi. Born, musician Tran Quang Loc - Author of the song "Did I fall in Hanoi" (Poetry To As Chau) also admitted, when composing this song (1972), he never visited players Do, because the country also divided. But when the lyrics like: "August autumn yellow leaves yellow yellow yet
Day to Thu Anh lined with her leaves ...", showed the feeling of skin, remembering like a long-time countryside . Collection, yellow leaves - It is a natural law, but the golden leaf carpets on Phan Dinh Phung road certainly make a difference. Just that every summer, collected, when the golden color was dyed in Phan Dinh Phung street, there were people who had to leave the job in Saigon (and beyond), just to return to the dear street shooting Some pictures ... only this, surely make crocodiles and leaf trees in the fall in every country must be happy! "January Hoa Dao blooms - Welcoming spring blooming fresh pinks", through the song "Hanoi 12 Flower Seasons", Musician Christmas Son draws a typical picture of the North soil grass and indicates a feeling Run for Hanoi. But only Christmas Son, with poetry, the song many other artists also sent his sentiment for the capital through the grass image. "I have a winter orphan orphan tree and I have a winter orphan street" (I am Hanoi - Phu Quang), "Flower milk still sweet night night" (flower milk - Hong Dang) ... When those sentences sing, perhaps the eaves, with milk in other countryside, must also "jealous" with the land of Ha Thanh soil. "From the sword, opening the sword to open the realms / thousands of years of love to remember Thang Long land," said Huynh Van Nghe's verse as the heart of all Vietnamese land for the beloved capital. The person has been, the soil grass Ha Thanh "should poetry, so the music" is right! Tran Thu

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