Ha Tinh: People Deliver Many Rare And Rare Monkeys And Turtles

On September 14, Vu Quang National Park (Ha Tinh Province) said that both coordinated with the authorities to receive a red-face monkey primate individual (scientific name Macaca Arctoides, weighs 5kg) and 1 individual Rare Precious Pig Monkey (Macaca Leonina, weighs 5kg) by people in Cam Xuyen district and Ky Anh district voluntarily passed on to release the natural forest environment.0: 00/1: 20 Nouthern regional monkey and red face The above pig tail monkey is in the list of endangered, precious and rare forest animals in group IIB, need to be preserved, prohibiting the exploitation, hunting and trading. Earlier, while going to the forest, people discovered that the monkey individuals were trapped in traps, bringing it home to captivity and care. After that, it is that this is an endangered, rare and rare wildlife species, people have contacted the Functional Functional Agency to rescue and drop to the natural environment. Vu Quang National Park also works with the muscle Officials Receiving a striped neck turtle (Scientific name Mauremys Sinensis, Endangered Group in the Red List of International Alliance Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources) from people in Duc Linh Commune, Vu District Quang delivered to drop on the natural environment

. The day, the forest rangers of Thach Ha district (Ha Tinh province) said that with the Management Board of Ke Go Nature Reserve to release 2 primate individuals Red face monkey with natural forest environment, each with a weight of about 6kg, because people voluntarily passed by the previous word.

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