Haaland Shows ‘gas’ Like Ronaldo … When Lewandowski Scored

Erling Haaland floats surrounded when Robert Lewandowski scored the opener in Dortmund net in the German QG Super Cup match.0: 00/1: 08 nuanerling Haaland unable to score and dortmund gave away 1-3 in the match Germany with Bayern Munich. However, the young Norwegian star still appealed to an angry expression in front of the camcorder lens. After Robert Lewandowski headed the scoring goal, Erling Haaland could not keep calm and continuously swung the footstone The air while the Bayern Munich players ran away to celebrate.erling Haaland expressed the "gas" very much like Cristiano Ronaldo Erling Haaland, causing many people to think about Cristiano Ronaldo

. The Portuguese superstar always demonstrates the desire for intense victory on the grass field, especially when confronting the rivalry. Attention, before this match Julian Nagelsmann evaluated that Robert Lewandowski was still at higher level Erling Haaland. And on the field, Polish striker made a double on the old team
"Lewandowski maintained a high level for many years. He is a world-class player. That is a big difference between 2 people. Haaland still hadn't played in Bundesliga for too long, even though the numbers he created was impressed. " - The captain Bayern Munich announced before defeating Dortmund to win the German QG Super Cup. PV / VOV.vn

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