Haaland Up Like Kites, Dortmund Immediately Increased The Purchase Terms

Erling Haaland sublimates every day Dortmund with the Father of Norwegian striker and representative - Mino Raiola has agreed to increase the terms of buying missing 9: 00/1: 40 Southern region of 21-year-old capital is the priority goal Chelsea's, but because Dortmund did not intend to sell and Haaland himself also pledged to stay so Thomas Tuchel's team had to 'turn the car', switch to Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan.Haaland to score 5 goals after 2 heads The first season of the new season Chelsea is willing to spend darkness to sign Haaland this summer (though failure), because she understands that the next summer will be a fierce fight among the big Europeans when the terms release 70 million euros of money This position is valid. MU was given 'queue' from now on ..

. Haaland recently been former German football player, Michael Rummenigge wallet is a rare talent that football must have 30-40 years to have such a star. "Erling Haaland is A special phenomenon. Such players only signal after 30-40 years
Hlv Solskjaer is very interested to be reunited with his old psychology as an absolute scoring machine. The opponents had to go on both sides when he started running. I played a player like Haaland at this age. His unique drawback is the ability to score with the head. Haaland still hasn't had many goals with the head. If this is improving this, he will be the perfect player. "And the news after that Sport1 updates about Haaland is Dortmund with the father of this striker as well as the representative, Mino Raiola uniformly increases the amount in The purchasing account to 90 million euros and it takes effect 2024. However, this number will be at the ability of a lot of great men. Can understand, Dortmund wants to make a significant profit compared to the amount of 20 Million euros spent to buy Haaland from Salzburg in January 2020. Since then, Haaland quickly grows into one of the world's most beneficial strikers, scoring 62 goals in 61 matches for Dortmund

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