Habit Of Boiling Meat, Causing Toxins To Penetrate Into, Most Doing False Steps 2

Boil meat is easy but there are false habits that housewives still have daily harm to the body to give up right away. For more cold water while bone, boil or flesh, cook too , for too much meat when cooking or defrosting at high temperatures is the common way of Vietnamese housewives. Here are the wrong habits when boiling meat or cooking daily, many housewives have suffered .first. Defrosting the wrong pork number People have a habit of defrosting pork by removing from the refrigerator to the room temperature and waiting for soft meat, processing

. However, such defrosting does so lose a lot of time. Furthermore, the main room temperature is the ideal lips for bacteria to live. Remove the flesh from the cold compartment to stay at room temperature, wait for self-defrosting and processing causing bacteria to penetrate
Also, some people want to remove East also soaked meat in hot water. This makes bacteria to grow faster and make meat lose meat. Pouring cold water into the pot while boiling meat Many housewives often have a habit of pouring more cold water into the boiled pot of boiling. In fact, this way of doing this meat is significantly reduced by the nutrition. A housewife mistake is common to pour more cold water into the pot while boiling. Cold water in the pot when boiled will make proteins And fat in meat is precipitated, making meat shrinks, harder than usual. Realistic way of doing this does not affect health but will make the piece of meat not delicious and lose quality.3. Quilted with boiling water to eliminate chemicals is the wrong mistake of many families who have a habit of boiling through meat or using boiling water to blanch through meat to remove chemicals and impurities in meat and seafood but Do this yet correct. Need to remove chemicals, impurities but the opposite effect
Reality, to protect family health, Many housewives have found every way to reduce chemicals and The dirt surplus in the meat. Many houses are boiled through the meat and pour the water first. Then boiled the meat in another country. There are houses using boiling water through meat not only once but also blanched through many times with the thoughts of impurities in meat can be eliminated. However, according to specialists This is a complete job without the effect of removing chemicals in meat. In contrast, they also make sucking chemicals more hazardous.PGS.TS Nguyen Duy Thinh (Original lecturer of Food Technology Institute, Hanoi Polytechnic University) said that nutrition in meat is mainly protein (exist In the form of meat muscles) and fat. Vitamins, amino acids are mainly in protein muscle cells. Because of that, if the housewives have a lot of need to boil many times so they can eliminate chemicals and dirt in the meat are completely wrong Misty.PGS.TS Nguyen Duy Thinh Ly Ly Solution The cause of that, when the meat in the boiled water to make meat will make the meat shrink more makes the meat absorb more chemicals and dirt, so meat The more poisonous and poisonous also said, the most effective way to remove dirt and chemicals in the pork is after buying, housewives should preliminarily rinse with clean water several times.4. Using common cutting boards for meat and vegetables, lives and nine uncookers will leave bacteria on everything it touches, including cutting boards, finish the pot and hand you. Best you should have two separate cutting boards For meat and vegetables, live items, nine items, or otherwise use hot water, oil washing sterilization when you switch to the next food handling.5. Thai meat as soon as boiled after boiled, you should not go right away because the country has not escaped and makes the flesh not beautiful. Best, with a piece of meat or bones, chicken breasts are not left 5 minutes. With boiled chicken need to leave 30 minutes. English

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