Habits To Help Japanese Women Have Beautiful Skin

Healthy diet and lifestyle are two main reasons affecting Japanese women's appearance <: 00/2: 14 namtheo japanese inside, some studies show the diet of the people Cherry is a key factor to help them maintain a youthful appearance. Health beneficial dishes are always prioritized by meals. In addition, daily sticky plays also play an important role. Photo: kknews. Hot water: bathing in Japan is not just a cleaning habit, it is seen as a beauty method

. Onsen (natural hot springs) and Sento (public bathhouse) are scattered in the city center, the resort facilitates people to relax. When soaking in hot water, your body will improve blood circulation capabilities, ventilated pores and help bright skin. Many people also add natural oil or salt to the bath to moisturize the skin
Photo: PaylessImages. Azuki beans: Since Nara (710-794), Japanese women have used this red beans into the dining menu as well as skin care, according to Savvytokyo. Beans are crushed into fine powder, mixed with water and apply to face to treat acne, black head or reduce wrinkles. This type of beans contain many antioxidants and natural foaming substances called saponins to help clean, tighten pores. Photo: Sungsu Han. Balance diet: A traditional Japanese meal is often done according to the principle Ichijyu Sansai (a soup with 3 vegetables, adding rice and fish) to ensure balance. Seaweed (Wakame) and kelp (Kaiso) are found in most Japanese dishes. They are rich in iodine and keratin - the necessary ingredients for healthy skin, nails and hair. Fish are rich in protein and less fat than red meat, while small parts of vegetables will provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Photo: Aiaikawa
Green tea with many purposes: green tea contains many antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Japanese women use it to cover masks, drink ... Green tea powder with high tannin concentrations helps stretch the skin, fighting damage caused by UV rays, reactivate dead skin cells and help color balance skin. Photo: Rossella de Berti.Vamin C: Japanese women regularly supplement vitamin C through food, drinks, fruits, vegetables and cosmetics. Vitamin C helps break melanin - natural pigmentation due to skin or aging. Some fruits and vegetables are only available in Japan like Yuzu, Khaki (Japanese Hong) and Shiso basil is rich in vitamins good for the skin. Currently, you can find them in additional foods. Bell peppers, broccoli or kiwi also contain high levels of vitamin C. Photo: MetamorWorks. The Vietnamese model reveals the exercise of the abdominal muscles 6 chrome champions Vietnam Fitness Model 2019 shooting videos sharing exercises to hold firm abdominal muscles in the episodes for men.

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